August NPD Report: Madden 19 Steals Top Spot; Nintendo Switch Marches On

The NPD Group has released its monthly NPD report for retail video game sales in August, and rather predictably, EA’s latest iteration of the Madden series dominates the charts. The title steals number one spot from Capcom’s Monster Hunter World, while over on the hardware side of things, Nintendo Switch continues to impress with strong sales.

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FallenAngel198432d ago

Prepare for the storm that will come in September NPD

Neonridr32d ago

what about the November / December storm when Pokemon and then Smash launch for the Switch? No doubt September and most likely October will belong to Sony, but I see it flipping around again come the holidays. Good to see both systems are selling very well. As for Microsoft.... well... A for effort.

Ninja_Ryu32d ago

"As for Microsoft.....well... A for effort."

Are you kidding me? I wouldn't call it effort. They haven't release a *great* exclusive game in years besides Forza if you're into Racers.

Neonridr32d ago

@Ninja_Ryu - I didn't know what else to say for them. That was sort of like a consolation, well I have nothing nice to say to you so I will just give you a pat on the head..

ZeekQuattro32d ago

Between the Switch and their plug and play platforms they are making a killing. Even the 3DS despite age, smart devices and the Switch is hanging in there.

PhoenixUp32d ago

“NPD’s video game analyst Mat Piscatela notes that since 2000, Madden NFL Football has been the best-selling game of August every year.”

Yup you van pretty much claim Madden to win NPD every August it comes out

Moonman32d ago

That is impressive to do that for 18 years straight, I will give props where they are

PhoenixUp32d ago

It didn’t do it every year straight. The article mentions” with the exceptions of 2011 and 2012, when Madden NFL launched in the September tracking period.”

The article also says “What’s especially notable about 2019, though, is that it marks the fastest-selling game of the entire series and the highest sales overall since Madden 2013.”

Moonman32d ago

Haha, well I take that back. Still good though.

Neonridr32d ago

North America loves their Football and Baseball games.

EddieNX 32d ago

Mortal Kombat 8 deluxe -_-

Moonman32d ago

I know right, does that mean Kitana is playable in Mario Kart? lol

TyrellCorp32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

Mortal Kombat Kart racer sounds surprisingly intriguing haha

alexgibson32d ago

Sorry guys, super late at night when I wrote this one. Amended.

SuperSaiyanGod4132d ago

Can't believe God of war still doing well. Next month Spiderman and the pro should be huge.

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The story is too old to be commented.