European Playstation Store Update - 23/10

The Playstation Store has now been updated, this week's goodies include Novastrike, loads of Add On's and The classic Prince of Persia.

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prunchess3647d ago

Still not a thing I could be bothered to download. Ah well roll on next week!

GrieverSoul3647d ago

Well, Im with you on that one!
Lots of content, no substance!

The Yoda thing is hilarious! Namco and Campcom are behaving like an addict supllier. They give u the stuff and say ´´Thats all U need and cheap! Aint it?``. Then a week later they start pouring extra content for a price that surpasses the original when u put it all together.

Sorry for the comment but as a gamer I fell more and more disapointed with the games I buy. Im starting to think I buy incomplete software for a price of a complete game!

sonarus3647d ago

Scorpion suit for dead space isn't free:(

ginganinja3647d ago

can't say i'm surprised to see Yoda turn up, but £3.19!!! I think i'll pass.

heyheyhey3647d ago

daaaaaaaaaamn nice update!

i have my eyes on Novastrike (finally, jeez it took a long time for this to come form the NA store) and POP: Classic..... although the latter is a little too pricey... wish i hadn't of bought Geon now :(

blackbeld3647d ago

finally i will have my novastrike!!!!!!!! best update ever!!!!!

Master of Unlocking3647d ago

for just an extra character. OMG, what a f*cking gip. That's just scandalous...F*ck you namco! I used to think EA was the worst, and most shamelessly greedy video game publisher out there, until the likes of namco, squeenix, or capcom showed their true colors during this generation.
During the previous gen, this would have been an unlockable character you'd have got by completing the game, or by playing a set number of matches, etc. Now what should have been on the disc in the first place comes at a price, and they have the nerve to sell it 4,99€???

Just say NO, guys...

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The story is too old to be commented.