Bushido Blade (PSX) Review

Zach Murphy: For a long time, my game collecting was heavily focused on the sixth and seventh generations of gaming. Due to their more recent nature, the games were not only cheaper but also easier to come across in the wild, in charity shops and at car-boot sales.

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NecrumOddBoy83d ago

I think Ghost of Tsushima will hold a great deal of this samurai showdown gameplay. Classic title.


I remember buying the Japanese version of this game back in the day. I paid damn near $100 for it.

ZachMurphyQT82d ago

Worth every penny though I bet!


Yes it was well worth it. That was back when gaming was just about fun.

ZachMurphyQT81d ago

There are still some games out there that are a lot of fun. A lot of the multiplayer online titles on the ps4 are great :)

Salazar81d ago

I think I played the sequel, good series.