Nintendo Switch Online: The NES Games You Need to Play, and the Ones You Can Safely Ignore

You get a mess of NES games with your Nintendo Online subscription, but not all of them are worth your time.

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PhoenixUp124d ago

I just can’t believe how prominently Nintendo is promoting playing NES games as a perk for this service. They haven’t even said a word about the SNES games they mentioned since first announcing the subscription service when NS got unveiled.

In comparison when PlayStation Plus first got revealed and showed you that you’d get free PS1 games with the subscription, it felt more like a perk and not as much of a pillar as Nintendo is promoting getting NES games. Eventually PS1 games got phased out in favor of the IGC that featured PS3 games, whereas on NSO we don’t know if they’ll ever implement other platforms in the service especially with them releasing an NES styled controller.

Another point of contention is that there’s no option to buy any of these NES games so you can play them independently of the subscription service, while you can buy any PS1 game offered digitally.

Neonridr124d ago

start small, then ramp it up. I wasn't expecting a full library at launch. But it will be nice to see other systems added as time goes on.

PhoenixUp124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

But it still sucks to see them not even talk about when we’ll see SNES games on the service as something to look forward to

That year long delay didn’t look like it did much to improve anything

ZeekQuattro123d ago

Liking River City Ransom more than Double Dragon. Sorry I missed the game back in the day.