Marvel’s Spider-Man: So Close, So Half A Cigar

Cultured Vultures: While there's no doubting that Marvel’s Spider-Man is an amazing game, Tyler can't just gloss over its faults.

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SuperSonic9133d ago

Spider Man PS4 is one of thoae rare cases where a real high quality AAA game sells gangbusters.

CarlDechance32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

The side missions did not have much meat on them, I'll grant that. I've finished all of them and they were not bad, just a bit shallow. I don't agree that they needed to affect the main story as that kind of thing is usually just a gimmicky illusion anyway where the main story happens just as it would have anyway.

"To test my theory, I purposefully ignored a side-mission that spawned directly from the main story. I wanted to see if it might alter the story, and you can imagine my surprise when it didn’t. I was still able to complete everything without any additional difficulty or notable alterations."

Did you play the game twice? How else would you "test" that theory? I'm not saying you are wrong. I'm just not sure that is a valid "test".

The lack of lock on.....nah. I don't see the need for lock on. The combat is so quick and reactive there is no real time to lock on to any one enemy. The timing is crucial in most cases and the act of engaging a lock on would have messed that timing up more cases than not. This criticism is a bit of a reach.

I don't know about a reputation system either. Not sure I would have wanted the distraction of worrying about damaging buildings and such. Sounds like a hindrance to the fun factor. Sometimes game devs can overthink their systems and make a game less enjoyable as a result.

LegoIsAwesome32d ago

Im guessing if this was made by nintendo, articles like these wouldn't exist.