5 Games That Broke Sales Records This Generation

It’s easy to say that each new generation is the greatest of all time, but this generation has the accolades to back it up. From titles that proved to be saving graces for their developers and publishers to new IPs that blew the doors off of the industry with its success, these five games from this console generation have broken sales records new and old.

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alexgibson29d ago

It's been a generation of record-breaking, really. So many AAA productions have either recorded the fast-selling or best-selling games in their franchise in the past few years.

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FallenAngel198429d ago

I’m still iffy on including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on this list since it only really sold well on NS and that console shouldn’t be grouped in the same generation as PS4 and XO

Eonjay28d ago

It is contemporary to the PS4 and Xbox One. They are direct competitors. Nintendo just released 2 consoles in the course of the ongoing eighth gen.

FallenAngel198428d ago

Dreamcast was contemporary with N64 and PS1, doesn’t mean you should classify DC as a 5th gen console

SuperSonic9127d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Sega Saturn was with PS1. In the 32 bit era.

Nintendo tried to 1up PS1 with the generational leap and more powerful N64 bit machine but sold leas than the SNES in the end.

Sega ttied to 1up PS2 by releasing Dreamcast much earlier.

FallenAngel198427d ago

Thanks for that pointless history lesson

Neonridr28d ago

wow.. are we upset because a Switch exclusive outsold the others?

Lime12327d ago (Edited 27d ago )

God of War Sells Over 3.1 Million Units in 3 Days

Over 2M Copies Of Super Mario Odyssey Sold In Just 3 Days

God of War - fastest selling exclusive this gen......until Spide-Man numbers show up.

King_Noctis27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


The Switch has only 20 mils user but managed to sell 2M copy of SMO, while the PS4 has 80 mil+ but sold only 3.1M copy of GoW. You do the math.

Neonridr27d ago

@Lime123 - which game has sold more overall? Jesus you are dense. The Switch has 1/4 the userbase, and it's top exclusives have still sold considerably more than the top PS4 exclusives. How many copies of BOTW or Mario Odyssey will Nintendo have sold by the time the userbase reaches 80+ million?

badz14927d ago

Nintendo 1st party games have always been selling A LOT! it's nothing new. maybe the main reason is because people buy Nintendo consoles just for those games and have their fix for 3rd parties on the other powerful consoles. 3rd party games aren't selling much on the thing and that's why big 3rd party games are skipping it, and it's because the thing is too weak too with small cartridge and onboard storage. what other games are selling all THAT much on the Switch besides the usual Nintendo 1st party ones? just by looking at charts, the proof is there. what's the best selling game for Switch in 2018? 3 (or 4 if you count MK8 Deluxe) of them are freakin 2017's GAMES!

PS4 exclusives are competing with big 3rd party games and GoW being the 2nd most selling game in the UK and US for 2018 and Spider-man being the fastest selling game so far this year too, those are signs of true strength! Sure Smash and Pokemon are gonna sell gangbusters too but against what other games?? Fortnite? FIFA? LOL. while Sony has to carefully plan their release as to not clash with huge 3rd party hitters every year, Nintendo just have to release it anytime because they know their fanbase will not be getting FC5, MHW, SotTR, RDR2, CoDBOIIII (yeah, THAT's how they spell 4 LOL!), BFV, Destiny 2 Forsaken and THAT is just for 2018! Japan will get AC Odyssey through streaming but that's about it!

Edito27d ago

@King Tell what else the Switch players should be playing at the time? No options lead to that...

Lime12326d ago

Spider-Man PS4 Sells 3.3 Mil Copies in First Three Days

God of War Sells Over 3.1 Million Units in 3 Days

Over 2M Copies Of Super Mario Odyssey Sold In Just 3 Days


Neonridr26d ago

@Lime123 - again, which one sells more in the end? It's not a sprint, it's a marathon.

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Neonridr28d ago

the only reason that the Switch isn't in the same gen is because Sony and MS milked the gen by throwing a mid-cycle release in the mix. Nintendo releases consoles every 5 years, clockwork. Only time that deviated was the Wii lasted 6 years (its success earned the right to an extra year on the market).

P_Bomb27d ago

I’m more inclined to believe that the reason some don’t count Switch as this gen (although I actually *do* count it) is because the Wii-U bombed and a quick reboot was in order. Turned out to be the right decision for them, but it shouldn’t end the gen. Winston Churchill said history is written by the victors. Wii-U doesn’t get to make that call.

Gen wise, the games still feel the same (Breath of the Wild was on Wii-U afterall as was Mario Kart), and as someone who only has an OG PS4, I don’t feel any great imbalance. Switch, PS4, XB1 feels right.

Lime12327d ago

" Nintendo releases consoles every 5 years, clockwork."

Switch was released 4 years and 3 months after Wii U.

Neonridr27d ago

@Lime123 - 5 calendar years.. not 5 years to the date genius.

Gameseeker_Frampt27d ago

"Nintendo releases consoles every 5 years"

Where did you get that ridiculous idea? The NES was on the market for 7 years before the SNES came out. The N64 came out 6 years after the SNES. The WiiU came out 6 years after the Wii and the Switch came out 4 years after the WiiU. The only times that Nintendo released a console after 5 years was with the Gamecube and the Wii.

2 times out of 6 is not clockwork.

badz14927d ago


"clockwork" LOL! others have proven how wrong you are with that claim. but seriously, if you think that the reason Nintendo released the Switch was other than because the Wii U bombed in sales, you're in denial!

SuperSonic9127d ago

Ask your self how can two Nintendo homeconsoles occupy the same generation?
Like how a father and his son occupy the same generation?
Wii U and 3DS are both 8th Generation for home and dedicated handheld categories respectively.

Are you saying the Switch is a Wii U 1.5?

Neonridr27d ago (Edited 27d ago )

@badz149 - NES released in 1985, SNES in 1991, N64 in 1996, Gamecube in 2001, Wii in 2006, Wii U in 2012, Switch in 2017. 5-6 years for each.

@Gameseeker_Frampt - might want to research your numbers again, lol.

Gameseeker_Frampt27d ago


NES released on July 15, 1983
SNES released on November 21, 1990 - 7 years 4 months after the NES
N64 released on June 23, 1996 - 5 years 7 months after the SNES
Gamecube released on September 14, 2001 - 5 years 3 months after the N64
Wii released on November 19, 2006 - 5 years 2 months after the Gamecube
WiiU released on November 18, 2012 - 6 years 0 months after the Wii
Switch released on March 3, 2017 - 4 years 3 months after the WiiU

Seems like my math is accurate, not that facts are going to get in the way of the stupid "5 year" talking point you fanboys love. Why exactly are you so desperate to avoid the fact that Nintendo abandoned the WiiU early?

Neonridr27d ago

@Gameseeker - I see a lot of 5 years in your comment, lol

what's to avoid? The Wii U was a mistake and probably should have been what the Wii was. I don't deny that. There were some great games on it, but it couldn't compete with the PS4/XB1, hence Nintendo had to release their successor sooner than they wanted (I am sure).

I guess I was using the North American dates since that's when I actually bought the consoles and played them, forgive me.

RobtimusPrime26d ago

No. The only reason that Switch isn't in this same gen is because IT'S A HANDHELD. HDMI out doesn't make it a console.

No one was comparing 3DS to PS3 or 360. It's mostly Nintendo fans calling Switch next gen or even current gen. You refuse to admit reality. Nintendo is a handheld game manufacturer & producer of handheld games.

The Switch lacks far too many LAST GEN STANDARDS to be considered a current gen console. Next Gen you say? Lol. From it's last gen power to it's archaic online infrastructure to its lack of multimedia features, to its bare bones AAA 3rd party lineup all the way down to its 720p screen. Switch screams WII U Pro.

It sucks. Nintendo could be so much more. They're the alcoholic uncle of gaming.

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FallenAngel198428d ago

@ Neo

Dafuq? Who’s upset about what now?

Wii U didn’t even last 5 years before its successor released. In fact 5 years isn’t even a set rule. NES has 7 years, SNES had 6 years, & Wii U had 4 years before he successor got released.

TekoIie28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

You do seem to be making an issue out of something that's nothing.

You're basically saying the Switch has kickstarted a new generation by itself. If this was true we'd be referring to the PS4 and Xbox One as last gen except no one is. I kind of think that's the most telling part of it all if we're saying the Switch is next-gen but we're still calling the PS4/Xbox One current-gen. The only other explanation is that we don't actually consider Nintendo as part of a generation because their hardware doesn't follow the same formula Microsoft and Sony's does anymore.

Up to you, I guess. It's possible that referring to any of the consoles as being part of a generation is outdated anyway right now.

FallenAngel198428d ago

It is a 9th gen system competing with 8th gen systems at the moment just like Dreamcast was a 6th gen system competing with 5th gen systems for most of its life

King_Noctis27d ago

The Switch is being compared to the PS4/X1 because they all are the current consoles on the market competing against one another. What do you propose then? That the Switch should be compared to air instead, aka something that does not exist?

Also, once the PS5/X2 released, I’m sure the Switch is gonna get compared to those instead.

FallenAngel198427d ago

NS can be said to be competing against PS4 & XO, but it still shouldn’t be grouped in the same generation as them just like Dreamcast isn’t out in the same generation as PS1 & N64.

TekoIie27d ago (Edited 27d ago )


"It is a 9th gen system"

Okay lol but you're not justifying why it should be considered as one. You're just asserting it without reasoning.

FallenAngel198427d ago

For the simple fact that Nintendo already has an 8th gen system and it’s not the Switch

TekoIie27d ago


So 9th gen is Ps4 Pro, Xbox One X and the Nintendo Switch? Sony and MS already had an 8th gen console so these must be 9th gen right?

FallenAngel198427d ago

Are you really trying to compare iterative systems to a brand new system? Are you really that dense?

TekoIie27d ago


"Are you really that dense?"

You were presenting a simple argument so I gave a simple response. If you don't like it then expand on your opinion and you won't get that sort of response.

You say the Pro/X are iterative and act like the Switch hasn't been called a Portable Wii U. It's not a simple answer like you're making it out to be. For what little it's worth Wikipedia even talks about the Switch as an 8th gen console.

FallenAngel198427d ago

Comparing iterative consoles to a brand new system is beyond ridiculous. PS4 Pro & XO X play all the same games that come to the base platform and are the same systems with upgraded specs.

You cannot in any way say Switch is to Wii U what the PS4 Pro & XO X are to PS4 & XO. These are not in any shape comparable.

Even if some dumbasses call NS a portable Wii U, that doesn’t make it so. Plenty of games on NS can’t even run on Wii U, it plays a different assortment of software, its UI is different, the controllers aren’t compatible with one another, it doesn’t have the same functionality, etc. I could go on but it should be common sense NS isn’t iterative.

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SuperSonic9127d ago

Twinfinite is a click bait site

SuperSonic9127d ago

God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn on PS4 sold more than BOTW on Switch and Wii U.

septemberindecember27d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn hasn’t sold more than Breath of the Wild on the Switch.

Idk what God of War’s numbers are at right now, so I’m not going to make a claim on that one.

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TomatoDragon27d ago

Two PlayStation games and two Nintendo games. Sweet.

badz14927d ago (Edited 27d ago )

for BC apparently according to Xbox users. it's all they have been talking about

FernDiggidy27d ago

Don't forget Xbox. They made records as well!

Most canceled games!

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