Capcom Vancouver Employees Laid Off, Studio Shutting Down

Earlier today Capcom announced that it terminated several development projects at its Capcom Game Studio Vancouver, and WorthPlaying has now learned that as a result, CV will be shutting down.

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Babadook730d ago

Yes. At least there are plenty of other studios in the area for those ex employees to find work at.

AizenSosuke30d ago

That sucks but focus on your Japanese branch first and foremost.

RainOfTerror30d ago

Well, after this morning's news, not really unexpected.

They had been working on those titles for at least 2 years, so for those to then get canceled, that's a HUGE financial burden for Capcom. Probably also meant that the titles were not to their HQ's liking after all this time.

Sad for the people who got laid off though :(

Smokehouse30d ago

I knew it as soon as I saw “multiple projects canceled” earlier or yesterday. That sucks. They weren’t a bad developer they just weren’t able to capture the magic of the first dead rising and it’s not surprising, it’s a quirky Japanese game. They might have been capcom but they didn’t have the Japanese style. They would have been much better off with a different franchise.

ReBurn30d ago

Unless someone money hats it

Sciurus_vulgaris30d ago

Both Dead Rising 3 and 4 received funding from Microsoft. Dead Rising 4 didn't perform well, it failed to meet sales expectations. It is unlikely an external backer would support a new entry in the Dead Rising series.

FallenAngel198430d ago

Who’d want to after Dead Rising 4 underperformed

Concertoine30d ago

There's not really much left to do with the series anyway.

porkChop30d ago

If Capcom isn't going to continue it, I wouldn't be surprised if THQ Nordic buys the IP from hem.

Born2Game8330d ago

When has Capcom ever sold their IP?? that also to THQ out of all the gaming companies. They would rather let it sleep for a couple of years and maybe announce one for the PS5/Xbox 2.

FallenAngel198430d ago

Capcom isn’t going to sell the IP. I don’t think Capcom has sold any of their franchises especially since they like featuring them in crossovers.

Dead Rising itself has always featured plenty of Capcom references, so it’s impossible to separate this franchise from this publisher.

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gangsta_red30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Sucks, but there are a few good development houses in the vicinity. Hopefully these guys won't stay unemployed long.

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