Does PSVR Still Have a Chance?

There’s always this underlying question of, “Will Sony support it?" It’s been almost two years now and it’s not, “Sony is supporting it, hooray,” or “Sony messed up, y’all.” It’s still up in the air. Why is that? And, well, is Sony supporting it? The answer is yes!

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Apocalypse Shadow30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Every product released has an underlying thought on if it will be successful. But the idea is to take the risk and I love that Sony does that with games and hardware.

Sony supported psp until gamers started stealing the games online and hacking the system. But it still sold over 80 million. They still support the move controller now with vr because it was a 3D positional controller from the start. It's why it worked better than the wiimote and kinect without even trying. It was only limited by the tv and camera.

When vita came out, phones and tablets had enough power, cheap and free games with ads to really hurt the portable console market. Nintendo, being the near monopoly leader, wasn't as affected by it. But vita, supposedly dead years ago, still sells units. Sony made PS4 games playable through streaming because gamers expected PS4 level games on the go. And they made the memory card to try and stop thieves who download their games.

PSVR isn't going anywhere. Sony patented new controllers and a new headset just recently. And new PPI screens made for vr with Toshiba and Hitachi. It's a given for PS5.

Oh, and Skyrim isn't a weird little game or experience the article says. It's the actual full Skyrim in vr. Not a spin off. Not a mode. It's Skyrim. And I played 3 hours straight just last night. Well, I did get a quick snack. But it was still 3 hours of playing. Lol.

And instead of worrying about AAA developers, worry about the good games already offered. And, that over 90% of them are NEW IPS. Not the same run down franchises.

Phantom6828d ago

There are over 250 games and experiences available and there are over 200 plus games in development. That’s pretty good for a device that many people thought it would fail.

mkis00723d ago (Edited 23d ago )

Depends how far Sony will support it. They need to improve controller and headset tracking. They need to keep the price low, and they need a 2nd gen version with ps5. 4k screens are a must to get rid of the screen door. They seemingly have a fps hit now. I personally am looking forward to that gangster game.

They need to be in this expecting moderate success. Maybe 10% of overall console sales. The more they innovate the better, they need to really dig deep into the fact all playstation consoles will run with it.