Sony Patents VR Headset That Combats Simulation Sickness

Sony was recently granted a new patent for a VR headset that utilizes a range of sensors to detect when the user is suffering from simulation sickness.

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Neonridr33d ago

think of it like an early warning device to tell you to stop playing..

kneon33d ago

Nope, if I was developing for this I'd make a suspense/horror title and use it to know when to ramp up the fear factor.

Neonridr33d ago

sure, but that's not what this is designed for. It's there to read your body and basically inform yourself when you are showing signs of illness or less than ideal conditions. Not sure why I got so many disagrees, I was basically stating what was in the article.

kneon32d ago

I didn't downvote you. Just pointing out what I would use it for. It's intended purpose isn't much use to me in the kind of VR I work on, but I have had some ideas for a horror game that could benefit from knowing how the user is responding.

Dirtnapstor32d ago

I can play for about 30 minutes until I start to feel it. If I bounce my legs, I can pull off another 15 or so.

zombiewombie33d ago

Cool if it works. I've found the best way to get rid of motion sickness is to just play the damned thing until you get used to it. Start with games where your character doesnt move and slowly tranistion to games where you're bouncing and moving everywhere. I made the mistake of starting with rigs and bou was that a mistake. Now I can play for hours on end and not feel a thing. Its even helped with motion sickness in cars.

playnice33d ago

Oh god Rigs made me feel soooo sick I did the same mistake except unlike you I didn't have the courage to go back 😆.

ninsigma33d ago

Oh man, rigs was not a pleasant experience for me at all!

Apocalypse Shadow33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Same with me. Never went back to rigs because of it.

It's good Sony's looking into improvements over Gen 1. And with their ppi lenses in collaboration with Toshiba and Hitachi, resolution and clarity won't be a factor either.

Good job Sony.

BLAKHOODe33d ago

Exposure is the best medicine. I've gotten use to it, but was expecting to feel some sickness when I first played Wipeout in VR since I heard that game gave so many others motion sickness.. it had zero effect on me.

Neonridr33d ago

you should never simply push through though. If your body doesn't feel well, trying to force yourself through it can create negative and adverse reactions to VR. Start small and work your way up. Playing until you get used to it could be understood by someone as just keep playing.

King_Noctis32d ago

You should never force yourself to feel sick just to “get used to it” in order to play a game.

zombiewombie32d ago

Thats why I said you have to start woth games where you're standing still, like Brookhaven Experiment and so on. Gotta gradually ibtroduce full motion games.

letsa_go32d ago

haha I tried Rigs first too and had the same issue. Looking to the side in Driveclub VR, and looking to the side while moving forward in Farpoint did it for me as well.

thorstein32d ago

Ginger works as well. Odd, I know, but it does.

I haven't had any problem, but I know that games will put up HUDS as a means of keeping the player from nausea.

But the reality is that the nausea was only affecting very few people even though the haters love to tout it all the time.

Neonridr32d ago

actually you would be surprised at how many it affects. It's not a low number. Just because you don't normally get sea sick or car sick doesn't mean that it won't affect you in some way. And some are affected more than others.

Having different movement and turning options is the way to go I feel. Covers your bases and allows as many people as possible to play your games (where the options allow).

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AizenSosuke33d ago

Amazing if this works for PSVR2 :)

FyBy33d ago

This And BC And Im First day in.

thejigisup33d ago

Definitely a good thing to have. Like zombiewombie said start with basic games like thumper(it's super good) and work your way up to full motion games.

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