Fallout 3 fiasco: It's only a video game

GamingIndians writes:
Cultural sensibilities – what does it mean? It's a bastardised phrase used by people when they are afraid that someone with a pea sized brain will come and pelt their building with stones. The latest to hide behind the phrase is Microsoft when they pulled back from releasing Fallout 3 in India because of not wanting to offend "cultural sensibilities". They haven't given details on which one of our many cultural sensibilities would be offended by Fallout 3, but I guess it's the ability to blow up two headed mutant cows in the game, which are called Brahmin.

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Eromu3645d ago

I would say it's because:
1. Cows are sacred in Hinduism.
2. The cows are called Brahmin.
3. Brahmin is the highest Varna(caste) in Hinduism.