Spider-Man vs. Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Which Should You Buy?

With Spider-Man releasing on PS4 earlier this month courtesy of the talented folk at Insomniac Games, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider hitting Xbox One, PS4, and PC a mere week later, many players right now may be deliberating which of these two blockbuster titles from September they should buy.

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Nykamari29d ago

Both if you own PS4 and TR if you only own the X. Great games for all. It’s that simple.

SubZtx29d ago

Yeah it is rare to have two really good single player games come out at the same time. I just beat Spiderman Saturday and started Tomb Raider last night.

-Foxtrot29d ago


Dragon Quest XI aswell.

Army_of_Darkness28d ago

I want dragon quest XI first, then Spiderman followed by tomb raider last.

darthv7229d ago

I'll play both as both are appealing to me.

SuperSonic9129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

That is correct.

Twinfinite is at it again.
Why does everything have to one against the other?

Bercilak28d ago

Becau$e it generate$ $weet $weet click$. . .

IamTylerDurden129d ago (Edited 29d ago )

After all the hype behind Rise of the Tomb Raider my girl and i finally played it and were actually disappointed. Considering that Shadow of the Tomb Raider has received significantly worse reviews than the previous game and the fact it just seems like more of the same i'd have to say Spider-man.

I bought Spider-man and it's been everything i could've wanted in a Spidey game. It truly is a great game with incredible production value, fan service, and attention to detail.

I won't apologize for feeling the way i do. If Spider-man was a multiplatform game i'd still choose Spider-man. We shouldn't feel bad for having opinions, nor should we feel bad about supporting those opinions. I'm sure Tomb Raider is a quality game despite the 78 Metacritic on PS4, but Spider-man just appears to be a more appealing game. Both the sales and reviews have supported that argument thus far.

alb189929d ago

I'll buy both, but TR for the X for better performance.

Masterchief_thegoat29d ago

I platinum both games. Get Spider-Man first and wait for tomb raider to hit 25 or 30 dollars during Black Friday/Xmas. Sotr is a great game. just Releasing in a bad time because of Spider-Man popularity

macadoshus28d ago

Yup that's what I did I got them both...they are both good title's

kevnb28d ago

I got spider-man on ps4 and dragon quest on pc.

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Neonridr29d ago

sorta different types of games here. Both are great though, so I don't think you will be disappointed with either.

capjacksparrow29d ago

I've purchased Spider-Man with no intention of picking up SotTR. I can afford both, but I feel like TR will disrespect my time, like it's prequel RotTR (though the 2013 reboot was decent). Spider-Man is great so far! People should check it out.

Chexs199029d ago

It's actually the exact other way around for me :D

I love the new TR, with the devs going back to the old style, with adventuring/tomb exploring being prioritized.

Played Spiderman at a friends place, but ultimately wound up disappointed. It's not a bad game at all, it just feels extremely processed and kinda generic - with the exception of the actual movement throughout the city, that just feels awesome :)

BrettAwesome28d ago

I felt the same way. I'll probably play Spiderman sometime in the foreseeable future, but I ended up buying Tomb Raider, because I really enjoy them, although Rise was a bit weak. Shadow seems like a real decent game so far! Now we just need to have the old school moves back, like jumping sideways while shooting, handstand and all that hot acrobatic stuff

sher123win12328d ago

obviously your xbot pretending you have the option to buy spider-man but in reality, you don't have a ps4 ...

Chexs199028d ago


I do own an Xbox as well, yes. Although it's basically collecting dust.
But based on your exceedingly acute observation, I feel obliged to ask whether or not you actually know that they released Tomb Raider on PS4 as well?

Anyhoo, don't get salty about me having another opinion than you sweetheart :)
That's what makes life interesting

BrettAwesome27d ago

I personally don't give two shits about Xbox.
I own four consoles, none of which are an Xbox. I'm just not a very big fan of Spider-Man.
What? I get hate for not being into barely out of their teens boys in spandex?

capjacksparrow27d ago

I thought the TR reboot was decent. I thought Rise was trash. I usually get through games pretty quickly. I put it down for over a week and had to force myself to pick it back up. My friend recommended it to me so I got myself through. After that though, I knew I wasn't going to buy anymore. The animations, characters, and storytelling were bad. The gameplay was fine, though sometimes it faltered. Meh. To each their own. I couldn't recommend it to someone, there are way better games in the genre.

Chexs199027d ago

@capjacksparrow I loved the first reboot game, although they could have toned down the excessive combat and cranked up the exploration/tombs.
I do agree that Rise was pretty weak though :D

The new one is awesome, although you would have to like the OG Tomb Raider style of adventure/exploration, seeing as there is little combat in it :)

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Ceaser985736128d ago

Spiderman is actually great and amazingly done. The hype is real hence everyone is talking about it and its selling great whether some section here like it or not. That being said SOTR looks great and its a must play game too imo. Once i get the Spiderman Plat trophy i will play SOTR and then there is AC ODY. and one of my most awaited RDR 2.

CarlDechance29d ago

Uh.....for me, SotTR isn't up against just Spider-man. It is Spider-man, Forza Horizon 4, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Dragon Quest XI. All those games within 2 months of each other? My wallet is already getting drained so have to be selective and TR is going to have to wait till next year.

Kribwalker29d ago

I went with Shadow of the Tomb Raider first, depending on when i’m done it will be spider-man before FH4 or black friday ish

gangsta_red29d ago

I went with Divinity Original Sin 2. I also have DQ 11, more than likely I'll be getting Spider-Man from Gamefly because I don't see me playing that until way later.

FullmetalRoyale29d ago

I’m waiting for the Switch release to play Dragon Quest. I’ve never actually played the series before. Right now I’m working on actually completing Fallout 4 and the dlc, before Red Dead drops.

gangsta_red29d ago

DQ definitely seems like a great game on the go for Switch. I haven't even started DQ myself, hopefully soon.

RememberThe35729d ago

How is DOS2? I'm getting into the first right now but I'm already interested in the sequel for when I'm done, but I'm also kind of cautious about it.

gangsta_red28d ago

It's every the part one has but 10x better. I definitely envy you for playing part one now and being able to go right to part 2.

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rainslacker29d ago

I got SM day one. But I was stupid and started playing Tales of Zestiria a week before hand. Since I tend to play a single game to completion before starting the next one, I haven't put much time into SM yet. Hopefully going to remedy that by the end of the week.

Ninja_Ryu29d ago (Edited 29d ago )


Of course you did 😁

AspiringProGenji29d ago (Edited 29d ago )

He never ceases to amaze me with his pseudo unbiased multiplat idea

Kribwalker29d ago

I did. The wife got it for me for my birthday 😎. I’m about 25% in right now, trying to hit every cript and tomb along the way.

Ninja_Ryu28d ago (Edited 28d ago )


I know right lmao 😂