Interview Feature: Dying Light 2 Still Has a lot More Information to be Revealed

AusGamers spoke with Techland's Lead Game Designer for Dying Light 2, Tymon Smektała, who balked at questions about driving and dynamic weather while also hinting a survival mode could be an addition down the track. He also went in-depth regarding the "narrative sandbox" concept the studio feels is unique in open-world action-RPG games.

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gangsta_red123d ago

Extremely excited for this game. These guys crafted a near masterpiece with the first one and supported it even up until now.

FullmetalRoyale123d ago

It’s hard to top that moment where I was getting grabbed by a zombie, and my best friend drop kicks him off of me from out of nowhere. I just see him and the zombie go flying by. 😄 One of the best coop games I’ve ever played. I do hope there are more survival elements in the sequel.

gangsta_red123d ago

Seriously, so many great moments like that because of the co-op. Especially when your out in the middle of no where, night falls and then you and a buddy are rushing trying to find a safe house.

FullmetalRoyale123d ago

Yes. So many times where I would turn back for him, and he would turn back from me. It really was a special game.

criticalkare123d ago

Cant wait to run around at night