Sony announces TGS 2018 lineup

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Asia has opened its official Tokyo Game Show 2018 website, revealing its lineup and schedule of stage events for the exhibition.

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DarkVoyager1646d ago

Hopefully we get a new Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima trailer.

bouzebbal1646d ago

i saw Kojima will give a game presentation during TGS. Can't remember if it's during Sony's keynote.
GoT i am sure they will show some gameplay in japanese.
Sony's teams really stepped it up this gen. I remember some devs last gen saying that there will less impact from exclusives than there was last gen... there you have it folks, exclusives matter more than never before.

DarXyde1646d ago

The article gives you some answer to this inquiry, you know.....

Hoping for a release date on Dreams.

The_Sage1645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

You will, DarkVoyager... They are on the list.

jwillj2k41645d ago

Those games have been shown enough. Not saying they shouldn’t be there but I want something new that adds more spice.

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gravedigger1645d ago

Bunch, bunch of games. Glad to see many PSVR games too.

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ApocalypseShadow1646d ago

Project Awakening and Project Judge baby.

PS4 is just non stop with games. Sony should change their name to "Too Many." So when their console gets more exclusives announced, you know who it's for. It's for Too Many.

sammarshall1021646d ago

Project Awakening looks so good it just jumped to my most anticipated list

bloop1645d ago

It looks friggin awesome!!

DVAcme1645d ago

Agreed, I got a huge Dragon's Dogma vibe from it, and that is ALWAYS praise coming from me.

Vizigoth041646d ago

Yeah, also I think a PS4/Pro price drop coupled with Kingdom Hearts 3 bundle would do Japan some good.

Inzo1645d ago

Damn, are these PS4 exclusives? Awakening looks amazing.

Hardiman1645d ago

Holy shit!!! I haven't heard of these but now they are two of my most anticipated especially Project Awakening!

ApocalypseShadow1645d ago

Yes sir.

If only this site talked more about
Upcoming games than rumor, controversy and opinion.

We should have been talking about these games days ago. So I posted them to get noticed.

mkis0071645d ago

Holy crap awakening looks deliscious.

ApocalypseShadow1645d ago

Doesn't it. Lol!

When I first saw it, I thought of Shadow of the colossus and monster hunter. I'm hoping the gameplay holds up to those great looks.

Majin-vegeta1645d ago

Both of those games were shot up to must buy when i saaw thier announcements not long ago.
Project awakening=Montsrr hunter on steriods
Project judge=Yakuza upgrade in everyway

Hardiman1645d ago

Thanks for doing gods work! There's nothing like the feeling you get when you first see a new game!

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Legatus1646d ago

*RDR 2- trailer
*Concrete Genie- trailer
*Days Gone- playable, trailer
*Death Stranding- trailer
*Dreams- trailer
*Ghost of Tsushima- trailer

Ooouuu yeah baby, can't wait !!

sander97021646d ago

So RDR2 Gameplay part 2 this week nice, hopefully they show off the gore!

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