Here's How Nintendo Switch Online Stacks up Against PlayStation Network & Xbox Live

Free online multiplayer is a thing of the past for consoles, but which subscription service offers the best value? Here’s a comparison of Nintendo Switch Online with Microsoft Xbox Live Gold and Sony PlayStation Plus.

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Leeroyw31d ago

I mean I'm a hypocrite cause I just paid for it but you have to for Dark Souls....
But they're saying it's & 20 a year. That's not entirely accurate. It's $75 AUD if you pay the standard method. That is $52 usd. That's the price of spider Man. Or a couple triple A titles on sale. I say that is ridiculous.

TheUndertaker8531d ago

“The free games are only available for active Gold and PS+ subscribers and become unplayable if the subscription lapses.”

Not entirely true as Xbox 360 titles you receive with Games with Gold are yours to keep regardless of subscription

DerekTweed30d ago

In the UK the Price of Gold and PS+ is different. PS+ is £50 and Gold is £40.

Are they the same in the US?

Am I wrong about the price difference?

TheUndertaker8530d ago

Here in the US yes, they are the same price. $59.99/year.