Resonance of Fate 4K / HD Edition announced for PS4, PC

tri-Ace has announced Resonance of Fate 4K / HD Edtion for PlayStation 4 and PC. It will launch worldwide on October 18. While Japanese pricing has been confirmed for 3,700 yen, western pricing has yet to be announced. Watch the announcement trailer below. Visit the official website here.

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greenmiker125d ago

I like those announcements! In one month we will have the game!

bouzebbal125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

Damnnnnnnn... i love TGS. i feel so excited for this kind of announcements.
Now SEGA, please bring back Vanquish

1:48 WTF was that?

Lord_Sloth124d ago

A lady excited about REAL MEAT!

FallenAngel1984125d ago

Time to now take a shot everytime another 7th gen RPG gets a remaster before FFXIII does

PhantomS42125d ago

Honestly surprised the FFXIII trilogy wasn't included in the massive FF Switch announcements (along with remasters on the other systems too).

FallenAngel1984125d ago

Because all of the remasters,coming to NS were already on PC & PS4 prior so it was fairly easy to port the finished products over.

Crystal Chronicles is the only exception since that was already announced prior. If there were a FFXIII remaster in the works now, it would’ve been announced at Sony’s pre-TGS announcements along with FF: Crystal Chronicles.

SinkingSage124d ago

FFVIII and FFXIII trilogy are on PC.

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The story is too old to be commented.