Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Is My Favorite Final Fantasy - IGN Video

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is a GameCube original, and it's Brian's favorite Final Fantasy. Don't miss its remaster, coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch some time in 2019.

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NecrumOddBoy29d ago

Crystal Chronicles was so good. One of my favorite games on GameCube, and a really awesome co-op fantasy adventure.

ZeekQuattro29d ago

Not my favorite FF as that accolade goes to FFVI but FF:CC is still one of my favorite GCN games. Great soundtrack as well.

Hardiman28d ago

I played the shit out of this game on the GC! Will for sure be picking this up on the PS4!

winter_hill28d ago

I never played this because I never had a Gamecube. I'm looking forward to trying it on PS4. I wasn't keen on World of Final Fantasy, I'm hoping I'll like this one better.

ibrake4naps28d ago

they should've done a remake, and rebuilt those old polygon models

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