Y'shtola and Yojimbo confirmed for World of Final Fantasy Maxima

Last week’s Nintendo Direct announced several Final Fantasy games but one of the more imminent releases is World of Final Fantasy Maxima, set for its Switch debut on November 6th.

The official Square Enix store has updated with the game and it includes a few new screenshots. First up there’s confirmation that Yojimbo from Final Fantasy X will appear as a capturable monster, alongside his faithful hound Daigoro.

Then there’s another new champion joining newcomers Zack, Serah, Noctis, and Firion – Y’shtola, who is dressed up in her Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward garb.

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PhoenixUp30d ago

They really should add Zidane and Vaan in this title. It was odd they didn’t have the protagonist from FFIX in the original game but two supporting characters. Plus FFII & FFXIV didn’t get acknowledged at all but now we have Firion and Y’shtola in this version.

I can’t wait to see what other iconic monsters we can capture.