CSM: High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance! review


"High School Musical 3: Senior Year Dance! is a very physical game. The Wii controls work pretty well if you flip them hard enough. However, occasionally you will flip the controller in the correct direction just as the ball crosses the marker (as required) but get no score. That can be frustrating, but since the game is pretty forgiving in terms of overall score needed to unlock new content, this frustration doesn't ruin the game. The game can be played on three levels of difficulty, with the easiest being pretty straightforward and the hardest being devilishly challenging – so there is something for everyone.

As with the Nintendo DS game based on this third High School Musical film, this game has almost no storyline other than earning things to put into the Wildcat Yearbook. But in this situation, where you are playing simply to dance to the music of all three films, the storyline is not really missed. The multiplayer mode lets you dance competitively or cooperatively, with or against one other player."

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