Amazon’s MMO, New World, shows off its diverse locations in new screenshots

From eerie woodland to oppressive mountain ranges, these screenshots show the variety of settings that New World offers.

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Twinblade1338d ago

The game looks great so far, we need some gameplay footage already.

battletrax1338d ago

Amazon the shopping website is making an MMO?

Twinblade1338d ago

Amazon opened up a gaming studio, you didn't know?

sKiiTs81338d ago

Yep, it's a simulator for running amazon. you have to deal with customer complaints and sort out stock. it's rather tedious, really.

bigmalky1338d ago

Is this the game created by ex SOE MMO guys?

Lionsguard1338d ago (Edited 1338d ago )


Lionsguard1338d ago

Edit: Whoops Wrong Article

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