The Batman Bundle packs four Batman Arkham games for $8.99

Officially-licensed Steam seller Fanatical is running a big sale on Batman Arkham games. The Batman Bundle includes Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, Batman: Arkham Origins, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, and Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass for $8.99. A Steam account is required for activation.

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FallenAngel198429d ago

I really loved the multiplayer in Batman: Arkham Origins. Shame it’s not active anymore

searcam0128d ago

I haven't played any of these games. Look like the perfect time to jump in. Heard Arkham City was the best one but will find out when I play it.

TravieTrav28d ago

I definitely agree that it is the best one

nowitzki200428d ago

I have played them all and AC is the best. But dont skip Arkham Asylum they are all pretty great.

TheKingKratos28d ago

I want origins on ps4, Damnit

TheEnigma31328d ago

I actually like origins. Many people hate it.

TheKingKratos28d ago

I could easily point out why it's far better than city or Asylum
It's amazing game and actually understand Batman.

CorndogBurglar28d ago

I never understood the hate for Origins. It's actually my favorite one.

It's just that it was made by a different studio so people were always going to hate on it, and had their minds made up before it even released.

Origins was exactly like Asylum and City. Same gameplay. Open world. Awesome boss fights. Good story. Nothing was bad about it at all. Some people claimed it had glitches but I never came across anything bad.

kwijgaming28d ago

Origins is the black sheep of the series, but if you've never played it, you should play it simply for the story. I know Arkham City is considered the best, but I thought the story in Origins topped all the games

Craized1227d ago

I never had the chance to play the batman series due to financial strugle back when they where getting released.
So i think this is the time to start