GameBanshee: Fallout 3 Interview

It's already been over four years since Bethesda Softworks announced that they had acquired the rights to develop and publish their own version of Fallout 3, following Interplay's financial troubles and cancellation of "Van Buren". The sequel has been in the media spotlight ever since, inciting both enthusiasm and criticism from gamers all over the world during its development. With only days left until the game hits store shelves, GameBanshee fired over a set of questions to lead producer Gavin Carter in order to get some last-minute details.

Interview Extract:

GB: Two of Oblivion's most commonly criticized graphical elements are the somewhat stiff character animations and the facial modelling. What have you done to improve these particular elements in Fallout 3?

Gavin: While Oblivion was 100% hand-animated, we've been working on Fallout to mix in more motion-captured animations for more natural motion. For faces, we've managed to find ways to make the system more efficient, enabling us to give people more polys and higher texture resolution on their faces. We've also created an entirely separate base head for females so that we can build in more feminine features from the start.

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