Australian investigation finds loot boxes are "psychologically akin to gambling"

Report suggests restricting sale of games containing loot boxes to players of legal gambling age.

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AizenSosuke29d ago

Australia is now in the fight. Watch out EA

Veneno27d ago

Australian investigation? Or Laymen Gaming?

Smokehouse27d ago

I love how people do mental backflips to try to make their arguments valid. Well it’s not gambling, but it is psychologically akin!

Minors can watch r-rates movies with parents permission, minors can buy m rated games with parents permission. Stop trying to be the parent, governments. You can’t even do your own job right, we don’t need you taking on extracurricular activities to virtue signal with your worthless solutions.

rainslacker27d ago

They did a study to see if they needed to make it illegal. Seems prudent given the discussion behind if loot boxes are gambling.

The report itself says that it has the same effects as gambling, and suggests that they be restricted, but the government itself hasn't acted on it yet.

However, based on what I've seen of Australia's government, it probably will be restricted, because they seem to be a pretty big nanny state that thinks it needs to protect its citizens from practically everything.

Smokehouse27d ago

I agree but it’s not not just them though. I was speaking on the topic in general. Even US tried to do this and failed miserably. I gamble, I love gambling. Lootboxing isn’t gambling and doesn’t have the same effects. The people who made that study probably don’t gamble or play video games.

mkis00727d ago (Edited 27d ago )

Ugh its a study so they took a sample of yourself are not a strong enough sample size to make a statement alone. They found it does have the same effects and have the data to back their claims up. You do know what dopamine is right?

Smokehouse27d ago

Polling isn’t evidence and a study doesn’t make claims factual. Comparing the similarities between 2 things doesn’t make them the same thing. I gamble and I would never buy a lootbox.

It’s not the same thing, not even close. I have looked at many government “evidence and studies” and I find most if not all of them reaching. The only people who would call it gambling are people who don’t understand gambling regulation.

The overly simplified “you’re paying on a game of chance for a random prize” can be compared to many other things first besides blackjack or a slot machine but nobody cares about those because it doesn’t push their weak agenda. It aesthetically looks like a slot machine so it’s “psychologically akin”? That’s pseudo garbage and I’m not buying it.

Jinger27d ago

Protect the children!!!

EazyC27d ago

I'm usually an advocate of the free-market, but this might be an example of regulation actually being better in the long run for consumers. To be honest, I think the people buying these things are the epitome of "a fool and their money are soon parted", but it's evidently having an impact on the quality of games for us rational customers too. For example, I am dreading to see what Rockstar are doing to monetise RDR Online because idiots were tripping over each other to buy shark cards in GTA Online.

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