GamesRadar: 15 years of "FIGHT!"

The requisite opening taunts are out of the way and the players hold perfectly still, beads of sweat forming on furrowed brows while white knuckles clutch brightly colored joysticks. The intensity, the sheer focus could suffocate a small mammal. The announcer reels through the formalities; the round number, are the combatants Ready? A blanket of tension covers the room as two coiled snakes ready for the mark.


Here, then is GamesRadar's video celebration of the magic word that's set hearts racing, adrenaline pumping, and buttons a-pounding for over 15 years. OK, so sometimes they say other stuff besides "FIGHT!" to indicate that the Men are about to be separated from the Boys. They've included a few of those too, to keep things lively. Get Ready!

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