VideoGamer: Lips Hands-on Preview

As far at WTF? moments go, this one has to go down as one of the all time greats. The assembled throng, a mix of game hacks from the UK and mainland Europe and impossibly attractive women hired just to sing and dance, VideoGamer was half expecting Microsoft UK to chuck Welsh singer Duffy on stage inside the swanky Belgravia venue, as they did at E3 in July, to sing 'Mercy' for the hundred millionth time. How wrong they were.

When Aha's Morten Harket took to the stage, grabbed the wireless microphone (complete with flashing LEDs that pulse to the beat of the song), and belted out his classic hit 'Take On Me', nailing that high note without breaking sweat, all thoughts of the horribly underwhelming E3 Duffy performance melted away in a sea of 80s nostalgia. Absolutely awesome.

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