Nintendo Switch Online: You Get What You Pay For

The reception to the Nintendo Switch online service has been less than stellar. Click here to learn more about the concerns some gamers have.

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PhoenixUp2102d ago

It’s really cringey when you remember that’s Reggie said Nintendo delayed this online because “When we launch something, we want it to be great. We wanted to make sure that it is a robust, well-executed online environment, and for the $20 annual subscription fee, the consumer says, 'This is a no-brainer. I want to participate. I'm all in.’”

This service doesn’t look like the year long delay did anything to improve its quality. Plus it seems like Nintendo’s hoping people don’t hold having a required subscription service against them as much just because it happens to be the cheapest option.

SuperSonic912101d ago

Its the Dollarstore of Online gaming.

badz1492101d ago

in this case, you don't get what you pay for

Vegamyster2101d ago

3DS & Wii-U had a better online infrastructure lol.

InKnight7s2101d ago

I mean even Nintendoenthuiasts heavily critisized Nintendo Switch Online, swallow your fanboyism and accept that Nintendo is going all crazy with this.

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Nintendo's Switch Online App Updated With "Newly Designed Home Section"

Nintendo's Direct broadcast airs later today.

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OtterX1d 22h ago (Edited 1d 22h ago )

Pretty lame actually. I checked it outand the only difference I see are 3 boxes to scroll through.

There's probably something more going on in the backend prepping for something in the future if they gave it a 3.0.0


Nintendo Expands Switch Online's Game Boy Library With Five More Classics

Mega Man's Game Boy series slides onto Nintendo Switch Online today!.

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OtterX13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

This makes me really happy because I own all of the Mega Man collections on Switch, but it always bothered me that they excluded these OG Gameboy titles.

Hopefully they'll add Mega Man Xtreme 1&2 for GBC later on, bc those were also missing from the collections.

H913d ago

5 MegaMan titles at once, now that's some good update, it's time for me to bring out the hopium for a new MegaMan

Sgt_Slaughter12d ago

Maybe this means Mega Man 64 is around the corner, too. Would be a fun addition on top of these.


Nintendo Expands Switch Online's Game Boy Library With Three More Classics

"To properly celebrate 35 years of the Game Boy™ system, we have to take it back to year one! Game Boy launched in 1989, and with it arrived classic titles such as Baseball, Alleyway™ and the first Super Mario game available on the system, Super Mario Land™. Today, Nintendo Switch Online members can play all three of these original launch titles as the latest additions to the Game Boy – Nintendo Switch Online library. All just in time for the system’s 35th anniversary!" - Nintendo

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OtterX36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

FINALLY, Super Mario Land. I actually like this one better than SML2, bc it felt so odd and different. I was absolutely blown away in 1989 being able to play Mario for the first time while on car rides!

My parents recently brought some of my retro stuff from the US over to the EU where I currently live. Man, I forgot how tiny and hard to see the OG gameboy was! haha I appreciate revisiting how I originally used to play these, but I do enjoy especially OG Gameboy and Game Boy Advance releases on NSO bc the portable screen lends well to these games for my aging eyes! I could insert complaints about the drip feed of releases, but I still do appreciate these on the Switch especially w my nice 3rd party Nyxi grips that feel like a proper controller.

Profchaos35d ago

I also just pulled my childhood Gameboy out of storage and picked up a ever drive for it for around 20 dollars.

I feel you with the screen visibility I don't remember it ever being that hard to see I would play in the back of the car under all sorts of lighting unless it was night time I hated road trips that would go into early morning or late night because of it.

There's a ton of mods out there which require little experience to install a backlight into the old DMG Gameboy they are cheap to I'm in two minds about doing it because I don't want to mess with my stock original system but I find it hard to use and I am a sucker for playing games on original hardware. Links awakening on emulator vs the real thing I chose the real thing every time.

Profchaos35d ago

Oh yeah come on super Mario land. I have no idea why it took Nintendo to bring it's Gameboy launch title to the NSO service.

It's not as good as 2 and it's controls are janky even by the time of its release but it's iconic in its own way and the music is so catchy some.of my favourite Gameboy music was from this game just that opening level song is a classic.