Uncharted 4 vs Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Which Is the Best Action-Adventure Game?

Twinfinite writes "Shadow of the Tomb Raider marks the end of the rebooted Lara Croft trilogy, and for our money, it’s the most polished of the three games. But how good is versus what many would consider the pinnacle of Indiana Jones-style third-person action/adventure games, Uncharted 4? We’re pitting the two against each other in the ultimate showdown."

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AspiringProGenji121d ago

Just stop it Twinfinite! It’s tje second time already

Silly gameAr121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

It's pretty sad. I think they keep trying to compare these two games, not only for clicks, but they know it will get TR more attention if they mention Uncharted alongside it. That's what these gaming blogs try to do. They love making money off of conflict, and they know this will bring conflict.

lxeasy121d ago

This has gotten so boring, twinfinite would put anything for clicks. smh

SuperSonic91121d ago

And these journalists blame the common gamer for this imaginary console war crap that they promote.

Jinger121d ago

What about this article promotes console wars? Ones a first party title and the other is a 3rd party multiplatform games.

alexgibson121d ago

Not sure what you mean by a second time? If there was another website comparing the two games, that's not our problem. We posted this on the site days ago.

Why is this a stupid question? I couldn't think of two more similarly themed games.

carcarias121d ago

You're spot on there. They know how passionate fans are of these games. Pure clickbait.

How about we DON'T decide which is somehow the objective best in a highly subjective subject and simply just enjoy (or not) them both?

I see gaming sites in general still like to trawl the muck and try to cause arguments to get people to their sites. Then they go and call gamers childish and whiny while proclaiming that only their seasoned, mature opinions truly matter.....

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Skankinruby121d ago

Stupid question, not getting a click from me

firelogic121d ago

Best Action Adventure Game.
Uncharted 4 vs Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

AAAAAAAAND the winner is!
God of War 2018.

Jinger121d ago

You spelled Spider-Man wrong.

Persian_Immortal121d ago

Tomb Raider would be a lot more successful critically aswell as sales if it wasn't constantly put up or compared to Uncharted it sets the bar very high and Crystal Dynamics and Eidos cant hang with Naughty Dog, Naughty Dog will be over 800 Gotys Once TLOU 2 drops with maybe 4 Overall Gotys vs the 0 CD, Eidos and Square have.

Edito120d ago

I think Tomb Raider needs to be Tomb Raider not some generic action game like it turned out to be... They need to go back to what made the previous games so amazing... The sense of discovery, exploring, loneliness, puzzling, less deaths and gun fight... If they do that i don't have doubt that the game will set it self apart from being compared with any other game.

Now Tomb Raider is a generic action game and in that category they will always be compared to the superior Uncharted... I used to be fan of Tomb Raider but once I played the reboot I never went back to it...

Persian_Immortal120d ago

I would have said bring back Core Design but that's highly unlikely given the fact the team is defunct. Crystal Dynamics and Eidos have proven time and time again they aren't the right developers for TR and for better or worse Lara is stuck with them. However Dontnod could be the wildcard I think they deserve a shot at the next TR not like they can do much worse with TR then Eidos and CD and since the origin trilogy is finished they could go back to the PS1 Era Duel Wielding Pistols Lara with the cocky attitude and the exploration and puzzles as you mentioned.

Mr_Commander121d ago

both good games on it's own merits.

carcarias121d ago

Stop having such a reasonable and fair perspective, you'll never be a game journo at that rate ;)

Mr_Commander121d ago

i am tired of these comparisons. just enjoy games, they are games, their purpose to entertain us. different people enjoy different things, just inform players objectively and let them chose by them self. these comparisons gives just negatives feelings.

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