Fan-Made Marvel's Iron Man Game Concept Art Has Fans Dreaming

With the success of Insomniac's Spider-Man game, fans have begun to dream about other Marvel games including an Iron Man one.

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gangsta_red30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Seriously, there's no other hero that doesn't translate perfectly into the realm of video games more than Iron Man.

He has a ton of villains to pull from thanks to his solo comic and affiliation with the Avengers.

Developers could add upgrades/rpg design elements to his armor or different suits for every gameplay type situation. It's a designers dream that has the blue print laid out for them.

I'm really surprised there hasn't been more games (lately) of Iron Man or even more Super heroes of this type.

Developers seem to be playing it extremely safe with characters like Spider-Man and Batman.

FallenAngel198428d ago

“Seriously, there's no other hero that doesn't translate perfectly into the realm of video games more than Iron Man”

Except Batman, Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, Punisher, & Deadpool all of whom have had exceptional games

gangsta_red28d ago

Except that's not really the point of the article or comment.

bouzebbal28d ago

TR if you like action and Lara, Spiderman if you like the hero and open world formula.

next question?

himdeel28d ago

Had to disagree with gangsta. Nothing safe about Spiderman or Batman. A bad one if either of those games would kill a studio.Sure Ironman is good but they have to nail the flight much the same way Spiderman nailed the web swinging first. Trust me there is nothing safe about any super hero game.

gangsta_red28d ago


"Trust me there is nothing safe about any super hero game."

People are getting caught up with the term "safe" meaning how a game will turn out.

That is not what I mean when I say this.

If a studio has a list of characters to make a game about, they're not going to pick USAgent, Machine Man, 3D Man, they're going to pick Spider-Man (Batman, Wolverine, etc).

Spider-Man is a safe and recognizable character.

People are going to buy a game with that character and probably find out later if the game itself is bad or not. But they are more likely to take that chance with Spider-Man more than a game starring Speedball.

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generic-user-name28d ago

"playing it extremely safe with characters like Spider-Man and Batman"

There have been plenty of poor Spider-man and Batman games, nothing safe about them.

gangsta_red28d ago (Edited 28d ago )

The key word in your statement is "plenty" which is way more than Iron Man has had. Those two heroes are safe and house hold recognized names.

Just because they have had a few bad games doesn't change this.

Rimeskeem28d ago

If that wasn't the point of the article why was that the first thing you said?

gangsta_red28d ago

Because it's about Iron Man and how he has not had a good video game. Even though he has all the personal makings to have one.

ShadowWolf71228d ago

Iron Man has next to nothing for a memorable Rogues Gallery dude. "Tons of villains" is not the first feature of Iron Man to come to mind.

gangsta_red28d ago

Whaaaaaaa!?! Mandarin, Justin Hammer, Crimson Dynamo, Whiplash, Ghost, AIM, not to mention any villain that has crossed paths with the Avengers.

ShadowWolf71227d ago (Edited 27d ago )

"Any villain that has crossed paths with the Avengers crossed paths with"

lol Not how that works. By that logic, anyone who was ever a member has access to any villain they ever crossed. Not so.

And Mandarin, you and I both know that's not happening. Too much potential controversy and outrage. Crimson Dynamo is too similar to be interesting to a mass market, Whiplash is... underwhelming. Ghost is now more associated with Ant-Man thanks to the movie. AIM kinda works but... not on its own. Same with Hammer. And again, outside of movies, next to no one knows any of them. Heck, even a lot of comic fans don't know some of them.

Iron Man's best bet is in an Avengers game right now, as well as getting his villains more spotlight with some well-written stories. (Though Given Dan Slott is writing now that option's out the window). Until then though, there's not gonna be the same kind of connection with the characters that people have with Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, the X-Men, etc.

gangsta_red27d ago

"lol Not how that works."

Pretty sure it does work like that. Iron Man is an original Avenger and he has definitely dealt with Avenger villains on his own and they all fall under the umbrella of his particular circle that developers could pull from.

And what's the point....I name villains for Iron Man and your reply is to give your opinion on why they wouldn't work? Based on what?

"And again, outside of movies, next to no one knows any of them. Heck, even a lot of comic fans don't know some of them."

What are you basing this on? Even if true this only allows a developer freedom to take these characters in many great directions or bring them to the limelight. And I disagree with the Mandarin, he's been portrayed in comics recently with no outrage. He's not the stereo typical Asian villain he once was long ago.

Iron Man can definitely work on his own, especially with the idea of having rpg elements like upgrading his armor or selecting different armors for different situations in the game.

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FloydianAndroid28d ago

I’m primarily an Xbox gamer. I’m not a fanboy in that I have no problem admitting that Microsoft has buried themselves with their lack of exclusives. I like the turnaround theyve made with back compat, game pass, new studios, onex, etc but they MUST respond to Spider-Man in some way. They need a superhero game. Iron-man wouldn’t be my first choice, but I wouldn’t be mad at it. I would prefer ninja turtles, green arrow, or daredevil (especially daredevil because I think Hell’s Kitchen would be an awesome setting and the game could mix being daredevil with also being an attorney which could be very interesting in my opinion.)

MIcrosoft really dropped the ball letting insomniac get away without a sunset overdrive sequel. Had they handled that partnership better, Spider-Man would probably be at the very least a multi plat.

mkis00728d ago

Sony and Marvel picked Insomniac. The game developed by Insomniac was always going to be Ps4 exclusive. Insomniac didnt pick exclusivity, but they were not about to turn down an offer to make a marvel game.

FloydianAndroid28d ago

My point is that had Microsoft gave insomniac more freedom and allowed them to make sunset 2 the marvel game probably wouldn’t have happened.

mkis00728d ago

They have a second team that could have been making it. And likely if this deal came up, they would move heaven and Earth to prioritize Spider-man. As an independent developer, you do not pass an ip like this up.

generic-user-name28d ago

"My point is that had Microsoft gave insomniac more freedom and allowed them to make sunset 2 the marvel game probably wouldn’t have happened."

The Marvel game was going to happen, this was agreed between Marvel and Sony. Sony then approached Insomniac asking what Marvel character they wanted and the rest is now history. If Insomniac was busy making SO2, then Sony would have just went to a different studio, the game would have still happened.

InKnight7s28d ago

Thats made me wonder if we as gamers got any proper flying super hero game ever, did we?

Seraphim28d ago

flight in general tends to seem like a near impossible feat. We'll see how Anthem handles the flight mechanic with their javelin suites but.... no, I can't think of a single game that nailed flight. There's been some games to try tackling it but none have done so very successfully. Wait, Nights into Dreams on the Saturn was solid in it's time. I suppose Panzer Dragoon or Ace Combat but both are more a vehicle providing flight than a character flying.

With Iron Man my biggest concern would definitely be flight. And not only flight that needs to feel right but flight combat that also feels and plays well. Not to say it can't be done but any developer who might tackle such a game would definitely have a full plate on the engine alone...

Exvalos28d ago

You could somewhat fly in Infamous second son. Superman shadow of apocalypse wasnt terrible.

mkis00728d ago

Superman Returns had damned awesome flying...too bad everything else about it was garbage.

FloydianAndroid28d ago

I agree with you completely! The flying was great in that game and like you said that was the only good thing about it.

Lionsguard28d ago

I think Thor, Cpt. America, Black Panther, GoTG and Ant-man have far better gaming potential than Iron Man and I love Iron Man.

Pyrofire9528d ago

The problem I see is you can't just throw Iron Man into Manhattan like Spider-man and expect it to totally work. Iron Man isn't you friendly neighborhood hero, he doesn't stop random crime in the streets. He is a leader and travels the world on a whim so New York would be too small, especially as the speed that your character can travel should reflect, to a degree the size of the world.

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