Amazon DRM Backlash… Again. Little Crysis Warhead Never Had a Chance

Negative Gamer writes:

"Remember all that fuss over Spore having SecuROM DRM? DRM so harsh you had to phone up EA and explain yourself if you had the nerve to install it more than a few times? Now, remember when you found out that Crysis Warhead had SecuROM, even on steam?

Yes, it's that time again! Get ready for our soon-to-be-weekly feature: "EA Put Shitty DRM on a Game and so People Give it a 1 Star Review on Amazon"!"

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gijose3646d ago

just stop with the DRM.

it doesn't stop piracy at all. all it does is frustrate people.

SaiyanFury3645d ago

Agreed. As a matter of fact, highly restricting DRM not only does not work in subverting piracy, it actually encourages it. Spore rapidly became the most pirated game of all time in the space of a few days after it's release. Not only were people pirating the game, but people that had originally intended to pay for it, were also pirating it just because they didn't want the damned DRM restrictions. Normally, I pay for games but in the instance I see these huge restrictions, I'll just download the damn thing and save myself the headaches dealing with EA's 'wreck' support.

Rick Astley3646d ago

Why'd you get a disagree? DRM is good now? -_-

Draperc3646d ago

Why'd you get two disagrees Rick? Oh wait.....I think those people were Rick roll victims. :P

lordkemo3646d ago

We have to get out there and tell these damn companies that we don't want this DRM Installation crap on our computers. If stardock can go full out with no copyright protection at all why hasn't anyone followed suit.

Altered_Soul3646d ago

A little late on the uptake the author is, hmmm?

jerethdagryphon3646d ago


and yes drm in a highly invasive form sucks