Why I Don't Believe In Online Only Games

As good as online only games are today, they could just as easily be gone tomorrow.

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AspiringProGenji31d ago (Edited 31d ago )

I left Overwatch early this year. It’s good to have my sanity back. Also the game keeps getting worse with the hero balance decisions. Been playing mainly SP games ever since and I don’t miss it one bit

zaherdab30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

I still play it occasionally, it's a fun game but I agree they add heroes that are fun to play not fun to play against. so many heroes can make lose control and just get tossed around like ball...
a coordinated Sombra is no fun to play against
a doomfist 1 shoting you is so damn annoying
a Moira latching onto you with minimal aim is quite annoying on console
an orissa spamming shield after shield can get frustrating
a hammond tossing you around and rolling all over the place is just meh
and there's another class of annoying just created for Bridgette ...

The game was way better with the original heroes

Jrios35530d ago

Either you play Overwatch casually, or don't know the concept of countering.

- An aware Symmetra can use her turrets to easily prevent Sombra from getting near, and an upclose Mei can scare her away.
- Moira may have range, but she does little damage and has limited mobility. A Soldier or a Reaper can shut her down easily, even on console.
- Doomfist is a closed-ranged character. One shotting with him is not as easy as you make it seem. He can be stopped by ranged characters like Widow or Hanzo.
- If you play Hammond just to roll around, you're playing him wrong. And when it comes to fighting against him, stun abilities will stop him dead on his tracks. Grab a Roadhog or a McCree.
- Junkrat, Bastion, Pharah, and Reaper can delete Orisa's shield with their high damage.
- Those 4 characters can also destroy Brigitte and her shield, who has limited range and low mobility.

zaherdab30d ago (Edited 30d ago )

@Jiro355, I know the concept of countering but the game is way less fun when you have 1 hero that makes 10 others not viable with only 1 or 2 counters ... and if the enemy team is already countering your counter you will need to have someone on your team counter their heroes and so on and so forth ... the game should make more heroes viable against the newest additions not have 1 or 2 hard counters with the entire roster sucking against them.

How often is it viable to swap a dps for symetra just to counter a sombra ?
Moira can cast her orb and while dealing direct damage that deletes most dps in 2 seconds and i mentioned its harder to aim on console
doomfist is close range but ultra mobile, by the time he sets his sight on a target drops in upercuts them primary fires and kills them in the air and punch his out ( that's if he doesnt use his punch to 1 shot another hero ) u've already lost track of him
you're assuming it's that easy to stun him when he's rolling away after having drop into your backline, but anyway he's the least of my conerns usually it's just his ability to push people around that's annoying, i dont want another loss of mobility in a game where i hardly feel i have control over my character anymore
If you're running a bastion and a junkrat or reaper just to counter orissa' you've laready lost 2 of ur dps slots, and these heroes are easily countable, let alone the fact that you've spent time and resources countering a shield not the killing orisa by tthe time you get to that another shield have popped out, and whomever was behind that shield would have likely been dealing with you
- brdigette almost deletes a character after a shield bash, everyone agrees she's cancer i dont need to justify it, she's a low skill hero made to counter high skill heroes

SuperSonic9130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Iam an SP gamer myself but when Japanese and Asians make online MP games they are good. They respect the gamers time and money. That is why online games are much bigger in countries like China, South Korea etc
.... unlike here in Murica.
There are couple of great online MP games here like Warframe, TLOU and Uncharted4.

I think the damage control for Switch Online has begun.

supes_2430d ago

I wasn’t ever a MP fan, it’s cool in the beginning but it gets really boring really fast for me. I can keep playing the same game only to get better guns and clothing. I understand the competition but I’m not into gaming for competition. I like story progression and character arcs.

rpvenom30d ago

Same.. I do like online co-op games.. but never a huge pvp fan.. i play games to enjoy and feel good.. sometimes playing pvp with kids or people who literally play like its work for them.. is not fun for me.. that's why single player or pve is the best gaming experience for me.. and btw that's coming from a gamer who possesses a 2-1 or higher kill death ratio in all my pvp games

IRetrouk30d ago

Racing and fighting games and im there, other than that though i prefer single player.

Retroman30d ago

Amen bro same here.
Racing and fighting games I'm there too.

InKnight7s30d ago

I wouldn't put Overwatch since its have double maps and modes, and a lot of contents for free.

Great examples would be NFS and The Crew.

Cobra95130d ago (Edited 30d ago )

Well-thought-out piece on the subject. One important thing not mentioned is LAN multiplayer, without the need for outside servers. This too would save connected-multiplayer-only games when their servers get shut down. And the (lack of) splitscreen excuses don't apply to it.

Edit: Actually, it is mentioned. The author called it an "offline LAN mode", which is what threw me off. Yeah, there is no excuse for not having this option, particularly if the servers are going to be shut down for good.

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