39 Best Games Of 2018 You Should Be Playing

Cultured Vultures: Rather than covering the best games of 2018 at the end of the year, we're adding them as they release. What are we missing?

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CarlDechance123d ago

Ah.....ordered by release date. Got it. Was about to say if this is a ranking of best games then.....well, thank goodness it is not. lol

MrsNesbitt123d ago

It has been a stellar year

Lynx0207123d ago

Just outdated copy-paste. They didn't even change the description. For example MH:W is listed as only on consoles and with the description ending "just imagine how far this game will be pushed on PC when it eventually launches?"

Segata122d ago

Yakuza 6. Best PS4 game I played all year.