20 Best Video Game Heroes Of All-Time

Cultured Vultures: This is the definitive list of the best game heroes too, and will cease all debate until the end of time.

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Inzo59d ago

Master Chief ahead of Kratos and Nathan Drake? LOL!

lxeasy59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

we get it... you like ps
Kratos was after revenge, Nathan drake is after treasure. Master Chief was trying to save the universe from an alien invasion. Makes sense to me.

Inzo59d ago

Master Chief killed a few mortal aliens, Kratos killed gods and Nathan Drake took on a war lord without a super suit and has the charisma Master Chief will never have.

DrumBeat58d ago

I agree. Nathan Drake is awesome. He's got wit, charm, charisma, and is a great character, but he's not really a hero. Kratos doesn't really fall into the hero category either. He's a godlike figure with good intentions. I guess he's a hero to his father?

59d ago
SuperSonic9159d ago

Yeah no click for them

Sonic is the real hero of gaming.
Saved video gaming from Nintendo's monopoly.

DrumBeat58d ago

I'm not into Halo anymore, but Master Chief was pretty awesome for his time. The strong, silent type. Same with Geralt. I'd put Geralt ahead of all of them, tbh.