Velvet Assassin showing no love for PS3

For those of you hoping to jump in the skintight leather pants of Violette Summer and thwart German Nazi's on your PlayStation 3 next year, you may be in for a disappointment.

Speaking with, a Gamecock representative confirmed that Replay Studios is not developing a PS3 version of Velvet Assassin.

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Genesis53743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Well it's their loss. Will be 17-18 million Ps3 by that time. Could of had a few sales probably.

SolidWarri0r3743d ago

Theres around that many (or more) 360s, just because they sold that many doesn't mean that 18million units of this game will be sold.

They made the right choice anyway, means game wont be delayed due to PS3

die_fiend3743d ago

Yeah could HAVE had a few, but it's clearly a problem for a few devs 2 cope with the PS3 architecture so they're gonna save a lot of money by just not trying it. Might turn out 2 be poor either way. And yeah like the above says, install base clearly doesn't equal software sales. 17-18 million by that time vs the 20+ 360 that are already bought...

mpmaley3743d ago

@ 1.1

Well now they can just make it for the 360 and PC and get great sales there....oh wait it was leaked and pirated 2 weeks before release!

smothtiger3743d ago

Yeah and I was interested in a new ''Splinter Cell'' after the fiasco of double agent.

gamersday083743d ago

better graphics and online features....

AAACE53742d ago

It's kind of like MGS! So they probably figure that MGS fans would compare the two, and choose not to buy it cause they feel MGS is better.

It looks like this will be the closest 360 owners will get to MGS on 360, so there it is!

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JamieReleases3743d ago

Well, at least thats been confirmed, I was hoping it would be developed across all platforms.

Pennywise3743d ago

owned because we dont get a crappy game from a crappy dev? lol you are pathetic.

xaviertooth3743d ago

games in 360 nowadays are either ...

(a) developed by non-talented developers thus an epic crap
(b) by talented developers that were limited by an underpowered console thus an epic crap
(c) deceived by the usefulness of unreal engine 3 thus making their games epic crap

the game in question falls under category A. Sorry this game will not enjoy good sales as there are a large number of multi-platform owners out there who are smart enough not to buy crap. only die-hard xbots will blindly buy this crap as there are no games worth playing on the 360 anymore.

SolidWarri0r3743d ago


yeah, you're saying that now. but it was on both you'll be like "MAN THIS LOOKS AWESOME LOL CANT WAIT LMAO IM PREORDERING!"


Pathetic ;D

ThatCanadianGuy3743d ago

You honestly think PS3 owners care about this game?
Up until right now,i didn't even know this existed

Killzone 2 owns this.GOW 3 owns this.Uncharted 2 owns this.Heavy rain owns this.Any one of the 20+ PS3 exclusive in 09 owns this.

Nobody cares.And like every game on 360 it's either going to PC.
Or to PS3 later.360 has no REAL exclusives.

It must really suck owning a 360.I mean,it's basically a poor man's PC.Must suck not being able to afford a decent PC.

Jpinter3743d ago

Just because the game isnt coming to PS3 doesn't mean it will be crappy. I am actually looking forward to this title as well Saboteur.

xaviertooth3743d ago

excuse me... i've seen the gameplay footage already and all i can say is it's not even worth a rental.

ultimolu3743d ago

...You're excited over a game that's developed by a company named Gamec0ck?


Pennywise3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

See, everyone says" N4G is over run by sony fanboys. I call BS. We have 1 or 2 people that are hardcore spammers with multiple accounts, but you xbots are all over the damn place.

I state gamec0ck is a crappy dev that makes crappy games and I get disagrees??? ARE YOU IDIOTS DELUSIONAL? I think you are.

Like stated above me 360 is a poor mans PC.

Edit: @ Solid - Is there a gamec0ck game you actually like? Enlighten me on your bad taste.

SolidWarri0r3743d ago

Funny to see haters pile up when its not on their console


Next? :D Just because you don't like it, doesn't mean millions of others wont so... Sonys' Slave's don't count. opinion doesn't count.

ThatCanadianGuy3743d ago

"Funny to see haters pile up when its not on their console"

You know what? I have a 360.And there is No way in hell im buying this.

You want to talk about people hating games not on there console?
Look at ANY PS3 game article,and count the disgusting trolls like you in there.

"Sony Slave" Pfff What does that make you then? A f*ckin Xbot.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

It don't matter i got ALL these to play now and soon -
PS3 ONLY Games -
MGS4, LBP, WipeOut:HD(STUNNING Game!!!), Uncharted, Resistance 2,
KillZone 2, MAG, God Of War 3, GT5, MotorStorm 2:Pacific Rift,
White Knight Chronicles, GT5:Prologue, WarHawk, Uncharted 2,
MotorStorm(NO racer on the xBox 360 looks and plays as good as this still???),
Ratchet&Clank:TOD, Resistance, Metal Gear Online, PJ:Eden,
Super StarDust:HD, Ratchet&Clank:QFB, HaZe, EyePet,
SOCOM:Confrontation, Heavy Rain, Flower,
InFamous, FF 13 Versus, Africa,
Fat Princess[Gabe Newell&pp], Ratchet&Clank[2009]...
+LOADS of other Games and PSN Games...
+Better versions of -
BurnOut Paradise, GTA4, Call of Duty 4, BioShock,
FIFA 09, Dead Space, FF 13[Better Version 1st], Fallout 3,
Far Cry 2, Call of Duty:World At War, Battlefield:Bad Company,
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Saints Row 2, Mirrors Edge,
Resident Evil 5, Unreal Tournament 3, BioShock 2...
etc etc [NO GAMES??? MY @SS!!!] ;-D
+FREE internet Play!!!
+Built-in Blu-ray Player!!!

p.s PS3 Fans there are a lot of xBots on this site putting a lot of Negative PS3 News on this the last few days(Er i.e More than usual!!!)
If you can Please Bubble up PS3 Fans + Press Agree on their Comment;)
You will make the real Sir Ken Happy!!! ;-D

@ultimolu ;) They like a bit of [Game]C0CK!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

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GiantEnemyCrab3743d ago

Awesome! I know with the 360 I will be getting top notch third party support as well as a solid first party line-up. The PS2 would always be the "go to" console for third parties and now it seems the 360 is the new "go to" console except for a few who have sold their soul to $ony (Kojima, Insomniac).

It's good to own an Xbox 360!

NickIni3743d ago

I've never even heard of it because, and I like to consider myself "in the know" when it comes to gaming.

But ah well. Since I own all three consoles, I'll be getting this if it looks good no matter which console it goes on. :) I get the best of all 3 worlds :D

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Neurotoxin3743d ago

This game looks so boring!! And the story sounds Horrendous! This is gonna pong!

Pennywise3743d ago

Oh no we dont get a game from GameC0ck?? lol.

They can keep their game. Too many games now as is.

Snukadaman_3743d ago

Too many games is the excuse now....I feel sorry for you guys.

y0haN3743d ago

You're looking for the word "envy".