Gamer.blorge: Resistance 2 beta hands-on impression: part 1

Gamer.blorge writes: "Resistance 2 is the sequel to the PS3 launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man. I've had the opportunity to play in the trenches for about a week now and I can say with certainty that Resistance 2 looks to be a serious contender for the best first person shooter of the year title.

The original game was well received, managing to get high scores from the big three: IGN (9.1/10), GamePro (9/10) and GameSpot (8.6). The original game went on to sell an estimated three to four million units, which isn't too shabby for a launch title."

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Nineball21123645d ago

This is how ALL games should be. You get a ton of great content all the way from SP to co-op to MP.

I agree that this game will be a serious contender for best FPS of the year.

Fishy Fingers3645d ago (Edited 3645d ago )

Yeah I'm really enjoying the beta. The co-op has me totally hooked. It's certainly set the bar for co-op gameplay. It's superb.

Only thing that concerns me (some what) is the visuals, they're rather uninspiring and hardly do anything new. Still with the beta at 2.2gb and the final disc rumoured to be 41gb+ I imagine the beta is running downscaled textures and poly counts (plus being an old build).

But gameplay wise, Insomniac do it again :) Fantastic and it's gameplay that brings you back time and time again. Not graphics.

Although, the water effect is great, the way it reacts to gun fire, WOW!

jaffa_cake3645d ago

I'm in the beta and what i seen so far its amazing 60 players on line with no lag.
hate to say it, so far what i've seen its better then COD4 online.
If no ones in the beta trust me the graphics are amazing.

crematory3645d ago

the game is fukin too much run and gun and they drop the graphics to fit the 60 player content , really nothing speciall
but if we wanna talk about coop its something amazing best game experiance i have ever seen

AngryHippo3645d ago probably the best bit of the beta. The MP is a bit manic, with 60 players, it just feels like Resistance 1 with more people. Co-op and single player campaign are what really excites me about this game. The scale of everything in this game is very very impressive. I think the graphics have been dumbed down a bit for the mp and co-op a bit, i think the sngle player will look very impressive though. I can't wait to see and play more.

yoghurt3645d ago

I too am in the Beta, co-op is so addictive and then last night I had a go on competitive which is just as great. Fishy i agree with most of what you say but I personally think the visuals are great, the style used works really well

siarraweb3645d ago

how is the quality of the voice-chat? if there is any...

Fishy Fingers3645d ago

You mean between players online? If so, really good. Played lots of different servers with lots of different people and they were all easy to hear and understand. All very clear.

People seemed quite good at working together to, which is always a refeshing experience when playing online, usually it's screaming kids, havent notice any of that yet with R2.

REPLOID243645d ago

as hell. I'm just imagining how the finished game is gonna be. I've already got the San Francisco map memorized, yo. 12 more days little fools.

WINZLOW3645d ago

will the 1 hit kills be implemented in the beta or in the final product?

or not at all?

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