Moments Nintendo Left Me Disappointed

COGconnected writes: I've been a fan of Nintendo since I began gaming in the mid-1980's, but even a big fan like me can be disappointed by some of their decisions. I discuss those disappointments here.

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Neonridr36d ago

lol, no company is infallible. I love Nintendo, but they have made some bone headed decisions in the past and I fully expect them to do the same in the future. But then again, Sony and MS make stupid decisions all the time as well. Sadly you can't please everyone, and nobody is perfect.

-Foxtrot36d ago

"Sony and MS make stupid decisions all the time as well"

And they are rightfully called out.

When Nintendo does something, even if it was something similar to something Microsoft, Sony or even Ubisoft, EA, Activision etc do it's suddenly "not that bad" and we should "stop attacking them" like we're somehow calling them worse then the others.

Neonridr36d ago

nah, but you have to admit, the bias around here is pretty one sided. Cross play is no big deal, but not getting more than 7 days use of a NES game on an online subscription before you need to log in is suddenly something big?

SuperSonic9135d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Sony gets called out via PSBlog and Shuhei's Twitter with suggestions feedback and all.
That is why Sony is very quick to correct their mistakes.

Does Nintendo have tha two way communicationt?

CarlDechance35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

"Cross play is no big deal"

Are you seriously suggesting this site gives Sony a pass on cross play? Have you seen how blown up the cross play articles get here?

PS4 certainly has a lot of fans on this site. That isn't a bias of the site. That is just a reflection of the number of the installed base of PS4 owners.

CorndogBurglar35d ago

Let's not pretend like all 3 consoles don't have their fanboys that can't admit when they have done something wrong or stupid.

You've been here for a long time. I know you've seen people defending blatantly obvious bad decisions that both Sony and MS have made.

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AspiringProGenji35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Your problem is that you think it is only this site that has an issue with this. Everyone else is also againts this stuff including youtubers

Furthermore, this is about Nintendo, not Sony or anyone else. Whatever Sony or MS done does not excuse Nintendo’s draconian practices

“I love Nintendo, but they have made some bone headed decisions in the past and I fully expect them to do the same in the future.”

Lol so don’t improve or fix anything nintendo... we love you anyways. Good thing they aren’t leading the industry then

Neonridr35d ago

I never said that it's ok, but I don't run the company, thus what I say isn't what they are going to do.

CorndogBurglar35d ago

You're making some big assumptions there.

He never said it's okay to make those mistakes. He also never said it's alright not to fix those mistakes.

He said he knows they will make more mistakes in the future. Not THE SAME mistakes. And let's be honest, MS and Sony will make more mistakes in the future too. No company is perfect.

masterfox36d ago

its disappointment bag is about to explode now.

blawren435d ago

For all this talk about a company getting a pass or not. Let's be honest here, Nintendo rarely gets a pass, especially on N4G. No one deserves a pass, but no one deserves to be given a hard time to stating something isn't that big of a deal. That isn't defending a company, that's not getting outraged about stupid things. Just because what you are outraged about, doesn't phase me at all, doesn't mean they are getting a pass. It just means I disagree with you one the severity of the issue. It is a matter of interpretation. Literally my only issue with Nintendo online is that I have to pay $35 for me and my kid to play online on the SAME Switch. She doesn't really care so we'll just use my ID and play online there. If she wants to play online with some friends later, I'll consider it. Other than that, It's fine by me, makes sense, and well worth the $20. The controllers are way overpriced and I won't be getting them, but they are a luxury anyway and it is up to consumers to buy or not.

Mylove151635d ago

After the GameCube and the release of the Wii is when i started to not care for nintendo.
The switch sorta changed that but then they do P2P online which is fine to me but some of the policies they have make me only care for some of the games they release like before. Right now my most anticipated games are the new Luigi's Mansion and the pokemon game thats on the way. I realise that Nintendo wont be like the competition and i am fine with that because i was always more into PlayStation anyway. Ill continue to game mostly on my PS4 with X1/Switch tied for 2nd. Cant miss a game i want so ill always have all 3 when a new gen is released for them.

RobtimusPrime35d ago

Sony & MS are far from perfect. Their blunders are well documented. For the most part they are rightfully called out on their bs.

Nintendo making stubborn, greedy, boneheaded, WTF decisions is sadly a norm. If Nintendo is releasing a gaming platform you EXPECT it to be a high priced, underpowered, 3rd party deficient, shovelware infested, weird controller dependant device that ignores industry standards & expectations.

Just imagine Sony locking data backup behind a paywall. What if in 2020 MS released a handheld X with an HDMI out & called it their next console?' What kind of grief would they both rightfully get if they forced you to use a phone app to communicate? Imagine them releasing 3 consecutive consoles (Switch is a handheld but for arguments sake) that damn near requires you to purchase a 'Pro' controller so that you can have a traditional gameplay experience. Nah B. They would be crucified for such foolishness. The list goes on & on with Nintendo.

The ferocity of Nintendo's cult like fanboys when even the slightest of criticism is leveled at Nintendo is akin to political or religious zealots.

Nintendo is dying an incredibly slow death. They've been bitch slapped off the home console stage. Nintendo doesn't have a home console on the market, only a handheld posing as one. Dedicated gaming handhelds are an increasingly niche market. Cell phones & tablets are a viable portable gaming alternative. Next year will see premium cellphones with more horsepower than what Nintendo's 2 year old "Hybrid" (lol) platform can muster, by its 3rd year next gen will be unleashed making Switch look like the overpriced & underpowered Nintendo product it is.

Sony & MS have both let me down in the past & will undoubtedly let me down in the future.
However Nintendo is on another level when it comes to disappointment. Damn shame...