NVIDIA RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti show up in Final Fantasy XV Benchmarks

NVIDIA's latest flagship cards, the NVIDIA RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti, have shown up on the Final Fantasy XV Benchmark aggregator.

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kevnb1724d ago

I think some people are now eating crow.

Gwiz1724d ago

Why not show FPS gains?those scores are pointless and only serve those wanting to get overall benchmark highest scores lol.

sinspirit1724d ago

It's raw performance data. It's better than FPS data to see performance difference.

Gwiz1724d ago

LMAO,no it's not want performance related to games because that gives you an accurate
general idea of how devs are using that power.This is just based on benchmarks that do not reflect game engines as a whole.

sinspirit1724d ago


No... FPS makes it easier to break down and absorb for regular use.
They aren't necessarily the best way to factor a cards total power difference. Thus, why dedicated benchmarking programs don't give a final score in form of average/high/low FPS. This data is still there but not the go to for power margin data.

FF: XV's benchmark does use the games engine and assets. What are you talking about here?
What specific game engine will "reflect game engines as a *whole*"?

I agree that I too would rather look at FPS comparisons right now, but benchmarks aren't just for the highest score and the score systems are based on more factors.

--bienio--1724d ago

Yesterday I received my new gtx 1080ti card arous extreme edition. cool . I'm not interested in what new cards have to offer, not for this price.