Halo Co-creator on Bungie continuing the series after Halo 3: "would have done something different"

Halo Co-creator and "Father" of Master Chief, Marcus Lehto, answered fan questions on the anniversary of Halo: Reach.

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I'm honestly not too sure if that would have been a good thing I loved the campaigns of 1 and 2 yet felt 3 was underwhelming but then again even though I liked 4 their next game 5 was an abomination.

CanadianTurtle127d ago

I have a really hard time going back to Halo 1's campaign. It's extremely mundane in today's standards. The levels felt like they were going forever, and that fucking "library" level, ugh...

Halo Reach is my favourite campaign in the series. Excellently paced, with gunplay that feels amazing.

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Okay, someone is flagging all the comments as "inappropriate," even though all these comments seem absolutely fine. Mods, something needs to be done here.

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There was literally nothing wrong with Kabaneri's comment. It wasn't inappropriate at all, have no idea why that was flagged.

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And you got a down vote for a totally reasonable comment. Ridiculous. Down votes need to be eliminated from this website. They serve no purpose other than to reinforce certain biases and desired narratives.

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Honestly, the community and mods on this website often leave something to be desired.

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