Why The Final Fantasy Games Were Never Released For Non-Sony Consoles

Final Fantasy games were never ported to any console other than Sony's, until recently and there's a long history to why the developers decided on that.

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Geobros32d ago

If this is true we see the switch success and the xbox failure. As Square didnt want to release the games on xbox one.

littletad31d ago

Did you even read the article or are you just commenting out of thin air? Squaresoft had an exclusivity deal with Sony, prior to the merger. So the games didn't appear on any platform, including Nintendo.

Geobros30d ago

Did you read that in the story?
"Sony sold that share in 2014, but at the time the Wii U was the Wii U and the Xbox One was seemingly lost in the woods. The Switch was the first chance to do it."

WilliamSheridan30d ago

The real answer is Japanese are very loyal and have strong bias. They wouldn't buy American unless it was a very dominant choice. And even then....

SuperSonic9131d ago

It took a 100 million dollar deal from MS to steal FF XIII from Sony.
Tomb Raider reboot by SE cost MS 50 million dollar for one year time exclusivity.

djl348530d ago

How is it stealing if FF XIII wasn't an exclusive?

SuperSonic9130d ago

SE themselves promised to Japanese gamers that FFXIII was exclusive to PS3 until MS made them break their word of honor.
Thus greatly pissing off the Japanese. Part of the deal was to launch 360 version simultaneously with PS3.
That was SEs fall from grace.

Look it up.

ForeverTheGoat30d ago

Provide links to back up your claim

DOMination-30d ago

Why would the Japanese care about the 360 anyway? Plus iirc the game remained exclusive to ps3 anyway in Japan

Sirk7x30d ago

Even if that were true, is that any better than SE, a third party company having an exclusivity deal with Sony in the first place? Pots and kettles man.

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FallenAngel198432d ago

“As theorised by many, Square was barred from publishing titles for consoles other than Sony’s PlayStation due to the exclusivity deal.”

Square Enix wanted to make games for the Game Boy Advance. Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi, still bitter that they abandoned their company after Final Fantasy VI to make games for Sony systems and a rival portable console, wouldn't let them. What was Squeenix to do? Create a special development contract that required them to create at least one GameCube game with a certain amount of sales profit going directly to Nintendo before being allowed to develop on the GBA. And the name of that GameCube-specific title was Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. After and Sword of Mana, you saw more titles hit the GBA. GCN wasn’t as successful in Japan so they saw little point in releasing other games for the platform.

Square Enix also released a lot of titles on DS, Xbox 360 and Wii during the next gen. They seemed capable of putting any of their games on any platform of their choice.

TheColbertinator30d ago

Yup still got FF4 on my Wonderswan color and FFVII on PC

30d ago
PhoenixUp31d ago

I simply see it as the same reason why it took Square Enix to put The Last Remnant on a PlayStation console after a decade, they just simply didn’t get around to it prior

neutralgamer199231d ago

Playstation is a world wide brand and sells well in every region simple as that. Squaresoft had a exclusive deal with sony but even if the did ps 1-2 were very successful so it made sense business wise to release on a console with the biggest install base

But going to other platforms after a while made sense too so more gamers get to play the games

Zabatsu231d ago

Forever garbage-binged. It's not to let more gamers play their games, it's to make more money out of gamers. Hence SEs spree in remasters. Japans EA. Will never buy a new game from them ever again after FFXV.

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