Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Will Apparently Be Exclusive To New Nintendo 3DS

If you were looking forward to revisiting the 2010 classic on your modern handheld system, you might need to check you've got the right one first. According to a listing on Nintendo's official website, the game will only be compatible with New Nintendo 3DS systems. Oddly, there was no mention of this in the Direct presentation or on the game's box art, and the PR stated the title would be released on the "family" of 3DS systems.

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FallenAngel1984664d ago

Sucks for any game to be exclusive to any iterative platform

NecrumOddBoy663d ago

Should have come to Switch.

RosweeSon663d ago

If it goes well I’m sure they’ll get a proper sequel

strayanalog662d ago

That's not cool, Nintendo. Not cool at all. Should have made this a Switch game if this was the case.