Details revealed for RepliCade X Centipede Cabinet

A few details have been revealed for the RepliCade X Centipede Cabinet.

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Nicknasty1137d ago

Just got mine and I'm blown away!

NecrumOddBoy1137d ago

$150+?!!?? For a cheap IKEA cabinet and a single game built into a tablet? What a ripoff.

Nicknasty1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Actually you're wrong there. This is not the arcade 1up cabinets. These are made with the actual same wooden cabinet that were used on the original arcade ones.

Thing is, if you grew up in the 80s playing these full size cabinets, you will really get a kick out of these ones. They are the real deal, light up marquee, original arcade rom, mini trackball even feels like the exact same one used in the arcade. It's really like they shrunk a life size cabinet into a 12 inch one. It is the exact machine replica! The cabinet is identical!!!!

The artwork on the cabinet and light up 1 and 2 player buttons are exact! The coin slots even light up. It is more for collectors and anyone that remembers playing these in the arcade. Back then we had these coleco table top little arcade cabinets. They were kinda cheese, nothing like this! I've got mame on my laptop, but you're kinda missing the point. It's the actual feel of the thing when you're playing. It's strange, i actually felt for a minute like I was playing the real machine. Also, i got mine for $100 because it was part of a backer project at the time. They tossed in one of the coolest looking key chains I've ever seen. A light up coin slot from an arcade cabinet. The thing has some weight to it and is extremely cool. I am a big arcade enthusiast and have been gaming for years. Old and new alike, I like em all. I can appreciate anything that tries to recreate that feeling we got when we played on an actual arcade cabinet. Don't knock it till you actually see it running in person man. It is definately something to behold. It's far from any Ikea furniture! Sucker has some nice weight to it and is a very cool little machine! Tempest and street fighter 2 are the next 2 machines they are releasing. There is a serious nostalgic market for these.

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