New Resident Evil 5 Trailers: Chris and Sheva are awesome

PS3Daily writes: Resident Evil 5 looks like it is going to be an awesome game and of course far superior to Resident Evil 4, the question is "How much better?

What we love about the new RE 5 game for the PS3 has to be the new and brilliant co-op gameplay and of course the stunning over-the-shoulder view mode, this game will be a hit we know it.

The trailers that you can watch below show you how good it is, the videos show you how Chris and Sheva working together showing you how team work should be done. Make sure you are over 17 years of age before you click the play button on these trailers. Chris and Sheva are in a town called Kijuju, Africa; let us know what you think of the videos please.

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chaosatom3648d ago

the animation looks so awesome now.