PUBG Graphics Downgrade Hotfix Details

A slew of framerate and performance problems have plagued PUBG. A new hotfix will be deployed on September 18th to fix the issues. There is a concerted attempt to minimize the impact.

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yarbie10001652d ago

Could be proof karma is real considering the Spiderman downgrade fiasco

Parasyte1650d ago

There was no Spiderman fiasco

Bluemaster771650d ago

Karma, what is it that you're talking about. This was an intentional reduction in visual fidelity to asses which effects tax performance more.

Kingthrash3601650d ago

Scored better than spider-man.....ign is trash

Parasyte1650d ago

Can't spell "ignorant" without IGN

DarXyde1650d ago

Graphics should never have been any priority for a Battle Royale game of all things.

Performance is everything, especially when the game is all about the online mode. If they have to make it look like a SEGA Saturn game to stabilize performance, then that's exactly what they should have done.

The optimization efforts on this game are embarrassing.

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Gwiz1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

After playing Black Out I have found more respect for the effort they put in (sure some assets literally ripped from prior Call of Duties)but the game is much better executed.I wouldn't pay full price for it without campaign though.

Liqu1d1650d ago

Pubg uses a lot of store bought assets from the UE4 marketplace. Lazy and incompetent devs.

Gwiz1650d ago

Well there's a reason why they tried to sue their provider,I mean why do that?unless you're just in it for a quick $.
This is why I can't support early access games anymore,they seldom deliver. (beware of games disguising themselves by getting mass exposure by huge publishers as well)

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