'Spider-Cop' Almost Wasn't In Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the best games this year, brimming with memorable moments and a ton of fan-favorite content. And despite this, a slither of the game stands out more than almost everything else: Spider-Cop.

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godofiron34d ago

It would have been an astounding loss for us all - I can't wait for Marvel's Spider-Cop 2

TekoIie34d ago

I want the Spider-Cop backstory as DLC. Thsts the true origin story we need to see for this Spiderman.

LightofDarkness34d ago

I found the bit really cringe worthy and cliched. Even if this was just a matter of characterising him as having that kind of a sense of humour, it was still hard to listen to.

Outlawzz34d ago

The bit was hilarious imo lol we need more spider cop

ClayRules201234d ago

“it was still hard to listen to”

Really? I thought it was so darn funny, especially after you finish the game, and Yuri and Spider cop go at it one last time. I smiled from cheek to cheek =)

SoulMikeY34d ago

Serious question, how old are you?

I’ve seen a couple people say this and am trying to see if it’s ballpark or not.

Jinger34d ago

I thought it was funny and fit in with Peter's corky/nerdy sense of humor.

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gamer780434d ago

love that superman supports our men and women in blue.

Silly Mammo34d ago

Which Superman game did he do that?

SoulMikeY34d ago

Ummmm? He’s ALWAYS helping the cops. From the comics to the movies to the games....

I think you might have forgotten the sarcasm.....

Silly Mammo34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Actually, I was commenting more on the Superman part.😉

gamer780434d ago

Lol spiderman i mean, they both wear red and blue :)

Inzo34d ago

Really? Then what would sites like Kotaku and Polygon have to complain about???

Germ_the_Nobody33d ago

It's one of the best parts of the game! =)