From GTA 5 to Zelda, I love a game with a day/night cycle

Christian Donlan:
"There is a special kind of halo around the things games do that they don't really have to. The radio stations in GTA, or the fact that the GPS disappears when you go through a tunnel. The tinkle of shell-casings hitting the floor in a shooter that you would assume is too brisk and frowny for such distractions. The plaque you sometimes find by monuments on the battle royale island of Fortnite. These things don't define a game, but they quietly help to make things feel richer. They are signs that someone cares, and maybe, even, that somebody was having fun thinking of the fun that you would one day have in the worlds they were making."

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Tankbusta40126d ago

Day/Night cycles are nice...but if given the choice I will usually pick day!

annoyedgamer126d ago

Play STALKER. Night is where its at.

NecrumOddBoy126d ago

Playing Spider-man, I am a little torn. Night looks gorgeous but day is where it's at for seeing the world pop. In GTA, I loved flying planes at night over the city skyline, but hated driving at night.