Will Spider-Man Be The Highest Selling PlayStation Exclusive of All Time?

Can Marvel’s Spider-Man conquer the PlayStation throne?

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StormLegend747d ago (Edited 747d ago )

I honestly think so but even if it didn’t I don’t care because it sold amazingly already and the game is awesome!! I’m hoping for a trilogy to come and can’t wait to see what other marvel character Sony might bring out next. Would love a good Wolverine game.

Destiny1080746d ago

who wouldn't want a Ps4 and a copy of Spider-Man under the Christmas tree

SuperSonic91746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

20 million units life time sales?
GOW should sell 15 m units

81BX746d ago

Just downloaded today. Not for me... but the gameplay looks flawless. The way spidey traverses from enemy to swinging to climbing on the wall! The devs did this game right!

indysurfn745d ago

Me I got a PS4 PRO!......just kidding I get your point!

Buuut if I could substitute the PS4 for games....oh heck I can trade it in for credits and get some games!

Hardiman746d ago

I'm really looking forward to what Marvel Studios does with Logan and I would love a game proper like Spider-Man for Wolverine!

Bronxs15746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

i love few things more than 90s xmen. and wolverine is my favourite. but i don't think they'd do a good game for him, it'd need to be gritty and dark (almost like last of us, sometimes joel would remind me of logan) to be good to me. however, considering the style of games insomniac makes i think they would make a good iron man game, and iron man is popular now. even tho i don't really care for iron man.

as a huge xmen fan i'd personally love to see a good game done for someone like gambit or night crawler!

Hardiman746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Dark and gritty would be perfect and really most of Lofan's history is dark, hell everyone he ever loved is dead or with someone else. I think if he was afforded the same level of quality that Marvel gave Spider-Man it'd be done right!

Also I'm with you on the comics from the 80's and 90's as those were the years I read all the Xmen, Wolverine, Spider-Man and Ghost Rider comics. Great times!

Chevalier746d ago

I'd like to see a Incredible Hulk game.

DarXyde746d ago

I think they could make a great game with the ol' Canucklehead. I would not underestimate Insomniac's range.

For gameplay, I might prefer Platinum/Team Ninja and Naughty Dog for narrative, but I still think Insomniac is plenty capable.

Bronxs15745d ago

thats true, they themselves might want to try something new!

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purple101747d ago

Maybe and that's definite

CaptainOmega747d ago

It can't be definite if it's also a maybe... c'mon now.

sizeofyou746d ago

Surely it's a definite maybe...

FallenAngel1984747d ago

“In the PS3 era, the biggest Sony first party hits, such as God of War 3 and Uncharted 2, sold 5-6 million units worldwide, and that was considered great.”

The best selling PS3 exclusive last gen is Gran Turismo 5 at 10.75 million followed by The Last of Us at over 7 million.

Noclos747d ago

Lasf of us exceeds 17 million but that counting PS3 and PS4.

BehindTheRows746d ago (Edited 746d ago )

Gran Turismo 5 sold over 11 million units, actually.

SegaGamer747d ago

Can people stop putting "of all time" in the title of their articles? I have been seeing a lot of it lately and it's getting really annoying. Using the words "of all time" to describe something that is 20 years old just doesn't sound right.

yomfweeee746d ago

I prefer it actually. Or do you want to be like Microsoft? "Fastest selling game" okay what does that mean? Fastest selling in the first 3 hours?

SegaGamer746d ago

I'm not saying Microsoft's way is better either, but saying "of all time" when something is only 20 years old just doesn't sound right to me. They could write "Will Spider-Man Be The Highest Selling PlayStation Exclusive yet?" or "Will Spider-Man Be The Highest Selling exclusive in Playstation's History?"

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