Consumer Spending on Video Games in U.S. Increases 40 Percent to $19.5 Billion for First Half 2018

Market research company NPD Group provides total industry consumer spend on U.S. video gaming for the first half of 2018.

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GamerDad8236d ago

That’s what happens when America is made Great Again.


Agreed. These past two years have been great for me economically. I'll be spending a hell of a lot more on games in 2019.

TekoIie36d ago

Lol settle down there boi. Lets not start any flame wars in the comment section.

40% increase is incredible though. It seems like it's attributed to lots of huge titles being successful early this year.

bluefox75536d ago (Edited 36d ago )

The economy really has been booming, nice change of pace tbh. I don't really care who's in the white house, I just know things have been good.

Atticus_finch36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

When has America not been great?
Or do you mean My Attorney Got Arrested.

Atticus_finch36d ago

I would say Vietnam was a low point and most people didn't support the war. America was still great

jukins36d ago

Obviously you trumpers havent read the article. Most of the growth comes from mobile phones which has been growing hand over first for the past decade. But yea let's pretend trump had an effect on this. Let's see if video game sales are as good when these next round of tariffs take effect on 10/1 gonna hit consoles and PC gaming particularly hard. I wouldnt put it out of the question to see a $500 + launch ps5 strictly because of these tariffs.

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BoneMagnus36d ago

The article says the biggest growth was seen in mobile gaming. With the latest round of smartphones - and their gaming capabilities, I expect this trend to continue.

This fall should be huge for PC and consoles as well.