AMD confirms it’s working with Microsoft on the future of cloud gaming

When talking of consoles, LIsa Su says AMD has a "vision of where cloud computing is going" and it's going there with Microsoft.

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XiNatsuDragnel37d ago

Interesting to see where it goes from here

DarkVoyager37d ago (Edited 37d ago )

It seems Sony is also working on a major
infrastructure/cloud update in time for PS5.

37d ago
timotim36d ago

Just one comment in and you're already jumping off topic while bringing up Sony...

Anyway, I agree with the OP, it will be interesting to see where it goes. If Microsoft can bring streaming to the masses regardless of device/platform, that will be big.

Bobafret36d ago

But I thought "cloud powah" was a joke. Which is it?

Eonjay36d ago

They already have Now. One imagines that they are going to expand the tech they already have.

S2Killinit36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

Cloud means subscription...

Its a joke when they tell you its gonna make your Xbox one “3-4 times more powerful”

OneLove36d ago

Wtf does sony have anything to do with this??????

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mcstorm36d ago

Timotim I'm with you on this but I think if you look at what Microsoft are doing this gen you can see them bringing things together and also offering lots of options.

I think going into next gen we may see pc and Xbox closer than ever.

I can see them offering a gaming streaming service on pc and Xbox.
Game pass on both to although maybe just exclusives depending on if 3rd party's will join.
We will also see a console to buy upfront and a console on 2 year contract at X amount a month.

Lots of great options there and if they can keep the most powerful console each gen and backwards and forwards compatbilty Microsoft will have a lot to come out the gates with next gen.

Kribwalker36d ago

i could see them allowing the current xbox ones convert to streaming boxes when the new gen starts. No one left behind

mcstorm36d ago

Yeah there is no reason with the s and x can't do that esp if the Xbox Y (what ever it's called) is also meant to be backwards to the x and s (well maybe not the s) but time will tell and none of us really know what Nintendo Sony or Microsoft will do next.

sammarshall10236d ago

Whenever I hear the two words cloud and gaming together it's an automatic NO from me dawg

plmkoh36d ago

Seems like companies did not learn a single thing from the last 5 years and want to be punished.

NeoGamer23236d ago

They probably learned a ton and that is why they are working with the hardware vendors.

There have been many times in the history of computing where software solutions are tried, but they find out software can only do so much so you have to start working with the hardware vendors to fully achieve your goals.

A perfect example is graphics cards. They put all the graphics functions into software at first and just used CPUs to do graphics. Then, they found out that software and the CPU could only do so much, so then they started to create separate graphics processors to replace the software and offload from main CPUs. That's how computers can get to 4K now.

gangsta_red36d ago

Maybe in the last 5 years the tech has gotten better, and maybe when this finally releases it'll be in an even better place than it is today.

Eonjay36d ago

According to the article AMD says the fruition of this new tech (on AMDs part) is about 3 to 5 years away. I don't see the next Xbox taking that long to release. I think people are confusing this with streaming. Or the Scarlet streaming box may come out in two years and then this new cloud service could be added to it but it won't just be for the streaming box. Their dedicated hardware box will be able to pair with it to.

rainslacker36d ago

Problem as of right now isn't really the tech, it's the internet infrastructure surrounding its implementation, coupled with people's hesitation to actually use the service in the mainstream.

bluefox75536d ago

Seems like it's still their primary focus. Will likely be passing on Xbox again next gen, especially if they continue to release games on PC.

timotim36d ago

When are you going to get that Microsoft doesn't care if you buy their peice of hardware...only that you are apart of their gaming eco system. PC, console, streaming, Game Pass, physical, doesn't will all be under Xbox.

And if you are passing on their console next gen due to them making a streaming service, then shouldn't you pass on PS5 for already making PS Now?

shaggy230336d ago

you're using logic, you should know better than to use logic on this site.

PrinterMan36d ago

Not really what he meant I don't think. If MS is going platform agnostic and someone has a good PC why buy an Xbox? For the games you cant gt on PC, which will be none. Why buy an Xbox. For all those games on PS4/5 that aren't on PC or Xbox? Now there's a reason to buy a PS4/5. If everything is available on everything what choice do consumers make? Cheapest price will drive the Industry and we all know what happens then. A monopoly by whatever company can afford losses for the longest time. That does not bode well for consumers in the long run because that's when we all get inferior products, support etc. etc. I would rather spend my money on whoever gives me the best product and who delivers the experience I want. I will support a company if I respect what they do and what they stand for overall (none are perfect as they all need to make a buck). Not just games but food, clothes etc. I want to keep my freedom of choice and be at peace with it. Sorry for the rant just getting a little tired of all this my dad can beat up your dad BS.

Kribwalker36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

people just don’t get it. It’s the same with all these sales talks. MS doesn’t care if you buy there game or play it through gamepass. Otherwise they never would have put their new games on gamepass. They are both a way for people to join their platform and have more users in their eco system.

Same can be said about playing their games on PC. If they didn’t want you to play it on PC, they never would have released them on PC. I think streaming will definitely be the cheapest model of next gen systems, but i’ll go traditional with the high powered versions

gamer780436d ago

They've already said cloud gaming as an alternative not the way most gamers will play

King_Noctis36d ago

I personally very interested in their rumored low-cost next gen streaming device. It will be interesting to see what they might announce next year.

gangsta_red36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"Seems like it's still their primary focus."

No where does it say that's their primary focus. But I understand why some would make it "seem" like it is.

"...they continue to release games on PC."

So, does this mean what now? That you'll be getting their games on PC instead of Xbox?

Because that's a win for MS.

Or you won't get their games because they're also on PC?

Because that's just stupid.

Ninja_Ryu36d ago (Edited 36d ago )

"especially if they continue to release games on PC."

That part. Totally agree brother. That's the only reason I won't buy an Xbox next gen.

Kribwalker36d ago

well they will be happy for you to join them with any part of their eco system, that’s why they release on both platforms 😉

Dragonscale35d ago

Microsoft doesn't care what platform you buy their games on is why xbone is practically irrelevant. Think ms care more than some would have you believe.

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darksky36d ago

Microsoft didn't learn a thing from the Xbox One always online debacle. They obviously want everyone to accept a subscription model like their Office365 products. I will pass on this like every other gaming subscription idea. The death of the Xbox brand is imminent if they keep insisting on this.

jukins36d ago

It's time you guys stop being hipsters and let things happen. . . People complain about always online but 99% of you complainers are exactly that always online. .

And as far as the subscriptions it seems to be working in every other industry real lol y dont see how it's a bad thing in gaming especially since you'll more than likely have a choice. The cloud is gonna be a big part going forward whether its streaming or as Microsoft promises years ago cloud compute it's coming dont get left behind.

william_cade35d ago

Always online gaming is shit. Literally shit. Actually shit is more useful than an always online game (that costs 60 usd), when your internet fails.

I play offline 99.9 percent of my gaming time,

Gunstar7536d ago

Do boycott all the movie/tv streaming services as well?

You still using VHS?

Ciporta198036d ago

DVDs and blu ray or TV don't exist anymore do they?

william_cade35d ago

Different products with different expectation going into it - this argument is inane.

Raiden36d ago

ALWAYS ONLINE, I wish they had kept it, i hate having to sit around waiting for on a update on a game i want to play, at least with the always online it would have been faster.

chiefJohn11736d ago

MS and Sony clearly talk to each other about their plans.

gangsta_red36d ago

I have to agree. Just seeing the similarities in designs and features for both consoles at the start of every gen has to suggest they talk.

cfc8336d ago

I think they all talk. Devs like to know what they're gonnae be working with. Plus you can only get certain hardware at the console price point, so they have a rough idea.

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