Too much of a good gaming thing

Load This with Steve Tilley writes: I wrote last Sunday about the embarrassment of riches that video gamers are experiencing over these four weeks, when an absolute buttload of major releases hit back-to-back-to-back in advance of the holiday shopping season.

And now I realize that what seemed like kind of a joke is actually, genuinely causing me some stress. It hit me when I was reading a post on Kotaku/Gamasutra writer Leigh Alexander's blog, where she nails the feeling of anxiety that gamers (and game journos) are experiencing with this flood of releases, the guilt that comes with actually being stressed about something so trivial, and the multiple Sophie's Choices that some gamers must make. You've only got enough time or cash for one game over the next month; which do you pick? Fable II or Fallout 3? Saints Row 2 or Dead Space? Resistance 2 or Gears of War 2? Wii Music or... actually, don't get Wii Music. Unless it's for your mom.

The delay of LittleBigPlanet might almost be a blessing in disguise, although it just bunches the release of the game up with the equally all-ages Guitar Hero World Tour. And then it's followed by Gears and Mirror's Edge and Resistance 2 and Banjo-Kazooie... aaaiiieeeee! Too much! Too much!

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iMarcus3700d ago

Goddamn right its too much!

I'm spending $1000 AUD on games before the end of the freaking year!

bunbun7773700d ago

Embarrassing- perfect word for what's been going on- When I brought Far Cry 2 home I didn't proudly show it off to my roomies because, well, they just saw me buy Saints Row 2 and Dead Space, (haven't beaten either yet- loads of fun)and they all know how bad I want Fallout 3- LBP is a no brainer as well- Then in one week RFOM2- and Mirrors Edge! Well- those 7 should set me up through February.

Great time to be a gamer.