It's Been Over 5 Years These 5 Awesome Games Still Have No Release Date

A good AAA video game usually take years to make, some of them are as good as they show, some of them are not, and some of them you may never know...

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sprinterboy36d ago

Wonder what happened to that game

PhantomS4236d ago

Pretty sure it's been confirmed that it was quietly canceled.

ziggurcat36d ago

there was never anything to confirm that it's been cancelled.

Godmars29036d ago

Twice I believe. Which puts it in Half-Life 3 territory whenever there's a slight breeze.

Foxhound92235d ago

@phantom and Godmars

Care to share a link to back up that claim? Earlier this year they actually reinstated the domain and copyright, leading us to believe it's not cancelled.

BiggerBoss35d ago

It's probably never gonna happen, but just imagine a modern Rockstar* Agent for Ps4.

It would blow minds.

Godmars29035d ago

What claim? That whenever the game's brought up its a site looking for clicks saying its either been canceled or R* is still working on it?

You realize that this is a comment section on the internet, right?

Foxhound92235d ago


Lol, did you forget the claim you made in this comment section? The claim where you agreed with Phantom that the game has been "quietly cancelled" not once, but twice. That was your claim, a false claim, that I asked you to prove. Is this your first time on the internet? This happens quite often... People make a claim, then are asked to prove it. I'll put an example down below so you can grasp what I mean.

Here ya go:

"While many fans once again believed the project had been abandoned, Take Two Interactive renewed the trademark for the game on December 5, 2016."

I'm not saying this proves that the game is being released soon, or at all. I'm simply providing proof that the game still exists and has not been "quietly cancelled twice."

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Artemidorus35d ago

I've already said this many times, it is not going to happen.

inveni035d ago

Oh, okay. We didn't realize YOU had said it. If we'd realized, we would have stopped wondering.

ilikestuff35d ago

Has rockstar or Sony said a word about agent in the past 5 years? I don’t think it was ever a game at all, just a word on a screen at an e3 to get people talking.

Legatus36d ago

That picture... it could have been an awesome Star Wars game...

Ciporta198036d ago

How do you know they are awesome games as they aren't out yet? Everyone of them has the potential to be a huge let down.

BiggerBoss35d ago

That's the thing about hype.

Just look at Destiny, Watch Dogs, etc...

Gatsu35d ago

That's what I was gonna write too.

phoenixwing36d ago

I gave them a click because this actually took a bit of research to figure out what hasn't been shown in awhile.

PhantomS4236d ago

We all know Deep Down was canned. At least Cyberpunk got a huge amount of showing this year and it's well on it's way.

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The story is too old to be commented.