Spider-Man swings in at the top of EMEAA charts

The latest GSD charts for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Australia (EMEAA) show that, unsurprisingly, Spider-Man swung to high launch sales across these regions as well.

The week ending September 9 showed two (well, three) new entries in the top 10, with Spider-Man at #1, Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age right behind it at #2, and the combination of Destiny 2 and its Forsaken expansion working as a combined new entry to push its way to #8, though it wasn't enough to beat last week's newcomer Two Point Hospital.

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SuperSonic9160d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Hey, PS4! Why you so popular around the woild?

The MCU's counterpart in video games has started its rise. Marvel's plan is a huge success on PS4. What is next?

Hey Time Warner Bros whatcha gonna do???
Another Batman Arkham?

SuperSonic9160d ago

PlayStation is liike a seasoned actor it knows what blockbuster movies to make.

Nyxus60d ago

Glad to say I helped with that!

Nyxus60d ago

Also good to see Dragon Quest doing so well!

TomatoDragon60d ago

Awesome! Spider-Man and DragonQuest in top two spots.

Srhalo60d ago

I see GT Sport on there but no Forza as usual.

CarlDechance60d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if we get some regular milestone sales numbers from Insomniac and Sony pretty soon.

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