PS3 Downloadable Content: Is It Worth It?

From PS3 Attitude: "Before the idea of downloadable content was around everything was included on the disk, cartridge, or whatever media the game was on. If a feature was not immediately available, then it could be unlocked by progressing through the game. Players were rewarded for meeting requirements such as beating the game or finding all the collectables, lending itself to greater replayability.

Now that everything is connected to the internet we are able to extend that playtime even further through downloadable content. DLC can take the form of anything from extra chapters that expand the story to new characters. But when do we draw the line on what DLC is worth? What price are gamers willing to pay to get that extra content?"

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monks3743d ago

I personally like the idea for example

burnout they have done a great job and i think they have the right idea about it stange for an ea department

the one that really angers me is when they sell content already on the disk thats going to far

i am happy to pay for extra content that has been made after the game has gone gold

jaffa_cake3743d ago

no why pay extra for what should of been included in the game. expensive enough as it no need to charge more for extra that hardly amounts to anything.
look at burnout all there extra's have been free.

jlytle12343743d ago

warhawk dlc is worth it. the game was only 40 bucks on release anyways.

Ps3Fanboy7773743d ago

No matter the console DLC is lame! Never have purchased and never will... 59.99 is already too much..

thor3743d ago

You have to look at it from a game-by-game perspective.

Charging for extra characters, weapons etc. is NOT appropriate - creating a new skin for a character, and possibly recording some new sound effects for them could be done by one person in one day. So that's not worth £1 or whatever they rip you off for.

Charging for a bunch of new content as an expansion, with new maps, gameplay, possibly with new characters and weapons as well, is usually justified - but if they deliberately held back content or the game was threadbare to start with (Motorstorm 1 is an example), it should be free. (Motorstorm 1 actually charged for sets of liveries which was a complete joke - these should have been given away for free).

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